Going Live

Four days ago I received a message as I woke up:

We are going live on 12/12.

It was simple and direct and it also felt hooked up to a big power source. I wanted more information and within a couple of days the meaning became more clear. We are moving into powerful energy of creation, just like we have been talking about, and we are being hooked up to creating the New Earth in a big, beautiful way. Our hearts are being lit up and that light is going to transfer to the people we connect with and they in turn are going to be lit up. I was out getting coffee Wednesday and I had a chance to experience this energy by making connections in a new way and on a new level with three different people–one I knew, one I knew very slightly, one I didn’t know. Each ONE became energized in a heart-centered way and expressed their desire for creating a new paradigm. It’s finally happening. This is what we have been working so hard for.

It’s what we came here to be part of, and this cosmic/solar energy is live streaming right now, big time. It is magnificent to see and it is making us all solar powered. We are being linked up and hooked up to the new grid and we are being asked to create by thinking in an empowered way. This is going to generate much change. Let go of any limitations that keep you small and think about the changes you want to see. What is one thing that you want to see change, and how can you be a part of that?

Remember to make intentions about the outcomes you wish to create, and then get out of the way. Allow those things to take shape. Just last night I shared with a friend how to do this, and he tried it three times at the grocery story a while later. Three times it worked and he was so excited he called to ask, how can I stop doubting about this?

One way is to just stop. Every time doubt pops its head in, say no thanks, and return to believing that you are capable of creating in a beautiful, powerful way. When you’re connected to your heart space and creating from that space, you begin to experience miracles. Get out of your head, move into your heart, trust your feelings that you can do this. Trust the messages arising in your own heart about what you love and what you want to create. It’s written inside you. As you unfold your own beauty for all to see, you begin to experience cosmic connection. You step into the co-creative space where we are all working together to create a grand new design. It’s happening now.

For me, everything has been a whirlwind of opening and creation the last two weeks. It’s all about creating the New Earth we have dreamed about, and the opportunities are appearing in many places.

Everyone will have a unique experience. What do you want to create? Begin to share your own dreams. Remember that we are the creators and we are using our thoughts and intentions to create. Think of those thoughts as important and empowering tools; your thoughts are like an artist’s paint brushes filled with colorful paint, and each brush stroke is contributing to a painting that is coming to life all around you. Focus on what you love and what you want to see in your world.

Now for the other news…

Synchronicity is amazing and in November I created a new tool for us to work with. Obviously it was meant to appear at just this time and I’m excited to announce the New Earth Experience cards. This deck of 34 cards is designed to help you connect to New Earth energy and integrate New Earth consciousness. The cost is $24 (which includes shipping). You can get them using the Buy Now button on the blog or by contacting me.

I pulled a card with a message for us today, as the photo shows. Its energy matches what I am writing about: we are all the creators. As you select a card from the deck, the energy of that card works with you and becomes your ally in creating. These cards help to focus the New Earth energy for us so that we can experience how it works and how to create in it.IMG_6791

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