Conscious Creation

When I first began to see the New Earth a few years ago, it was located a few feet above the Earth we live on. It was a new and beautiful version of the planet floating just above the ground, waiting in its etheric form to be anchored. Now after a long process, it’s here, solidly in place, and everyone who is choosing to be a part of it is having that opportunity. Continue reading

Star Origins

“Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.” —Serbian proverb

IMG_1327I’ve been asking friends who aren’t actively on this path to draw a card from my New Earth deck to start their new year. Recently two of them drew the Star Origin card. Surprisingly, the first person said, “Well, yes, I know I’m not from here.” The second person told me about a memory she’d never shared: that she was out in space somewhere with someone who was lit up with light, who said to her, “That’s where you’re going.” And then pointed to a faraway earth. Continue reading

Happy New Earth!

IMG_1170On New Year’s Eve, in the midst of many celebrations, when many people were feeling happy and celebrating moving into a new year, a surprising thing happened. We were disconnected from the old earth. The timing was beautiful. A wave of celebratory energy carried us into this space. Now New Earth, which has been in place for some time, is showing us how to be in heart-based, co-creative relationship with her, with ourselves, and with everyone else. We are truly becoming our new selves. That is something to celebrate. Continue reading