Cosmic Heart

The heart is our sun. The energies now streaming from the sun to our planet are lighting up and lightening up our heart, the center of our personal cosmos. We are moving from a mind-centered orientation to an awareness that is heart-centered. All the cells of our being are beginning to rotate around the heart, releasing us from third-dimensionality. Our new structure is light-based, enabling us to be receivers of highly amplified (refined) solar transmissions. We are being encoded to enable our ascension, and we are co-creators with the universal energy. This awakens our cosmic heart, the heart of oneness. And we begin the process of unification.IMG_6666

Picture all the cells of our body working in unison and in harmony to create health and wholeness. Picture, in this same way, all the people on the planet working in harmony to create peace and balance, so that we can live in resonance with the earth and each other. Unity is the outcome of the experience we are undergoing.

Much as our physical heartbeat keeps our body nourished, the solar heartbeat is our essential life source, streaming indigenous wisdom to our stirring souls. We are hungry for this, and we are ready.

We are stepping into the clothing of our light bodies and emerging from the closets of our containment. We are recognizing who we are and joining with others. We are coming together in joy and disclosure. And in full knowing of the uniqueness of each and the similarity of all. We are all love and we are each a facet of it.

Our divinity shines forth. We glow in the dark. The sun is rising on the age of Aquarius and we who awaken with cosmic hearts emit light so that all can see.

We are peaceful warriors. With truth in our hearts and authenticity in our marrow, we move surely in the direction of unity. It is already written as the dawning of a new age. We are following the operating instructions we created, the instruction manuals we are sending ourselves in the form of light. Each pulse of light from the sun is read by our hearts.

We are part of the great galactic shift that will change humanity as we have known it, to balanced union as we know it in the NOW.

We are creator beings at our core, and this creativity is flowing through us. We can dream and paint and write and dance and sing and photograph our new world into being. We can speak to everyone we know. We are breaking free of old tethers, old agreements, untruths. Now is the time. This is it. This is the moment we have waited for. The seeds that we planted have sprouted and are emerging in the galactic spring of our new age, our new time, our new earth.

4 thoughts on “Cosmic Heart

  1. Wonderful Terry, these messages are so encouraging when things seem out of control. Knowing we are on the right path and there is alway much darkness before the light breaks through for all to see.

    Love and Light

  2. This was so beautiful to read, Terry. You are certainly a gifted writer and get the point across clearly and with ease. I am so thankful to know you, my friend, and look forward to all that you are doing. Keep on keeping on…

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