Our New Operating System

More people are getting hooked up. I just had coffee with a friend. The last time I saw her about a month ago she was experiencing mega fear and made it clear she did not believe that humanity is currently shifting/evolving into a new phase. But this time, she told me about all the physical symptoms she has been having, which necessitated a visit to the ER. After a battery of tests she was pronounced very healthy. But she wondered what was happening.

When I talked to her about the physical sensations people are feeling now related to ascension, she had them all: an inability to focus, a fuzzy brain, lack of motivation, odd aches and pains, pressure in her heart center, and anxiety, all coming and going. She asked me to explain a little bit about the energy and what was happening. And then came this comment: she does believe we are evolving! Her perspective had shifted to allow room for a new interpretation. There’s nothing like some makes-no-sense first-hand experience.

We have been working hard to create the new realm and to build our power and we are now beginning to find out what it feels like to succeed with this. It is amazing! When you experience it you will know that your enormous effort has been well worth it. People are using the pathways we have created to open their hearts and minds to new possibility and to find their way.

We are creating the earth we want to live on. Those of us who never fit in here, who never felt at home, are now going to find that this is a very beautiful home and we are creating it carefully step by step with much love.IMG_7625

We are getting our first real taste of what we are creating. We are stepping fully into our solar-powered selves and emerging as truth made manifest. We are shining our new light as we move around our communities and share what’s coming into being. “Here’s what we want to create” has become “here’s what we’re creating.” We are ambassadors announcing the new ways. And as we do this, others become empowered to join us. They begin to clearly see that this is the direction they too wish to go. Momentum is building.

So much is happening. We are now operating in a multidimensional manner. We are moving through our day in our physical body, which still looks very much like it always has, except it has been empowered and energized with massive solar energy, which is seen and interpreted differently by those we connect with and is able to achieve remarkable results. So while we may feel much the same as we always have, we are very different and we are impacting in an unmistakably powerful way. We are continuing to change our perspective in order to be able to see this shift with our physical eyes, but we can definitely feel it and sense it. We are coming into our communities like a sneaker wave on a beach, and we are definitely being noticed. People may not know exactly what they are seeing, but they feel it inside and it enlivens and awakens a part of them that helps them to know what they need and want to do. It moves them in the direction of being more open and expanded. They begin to connect to their own internal GPS, getting guidance and direction.

We are going to see change after change as everything moves into alignment.

We are holding the space of love and divine neutrality as people bloom like flowers right in front of us. As they shift direction. As the light pierces their resistance and opens their hearts. These are miracles and we are the joyous witnesses.

We are experiencing our divinity and our power as divine creators. But even more than that, we are experiencing that we have finally actually moved into this. We are now operating from our higher-frequency perspective, our higher-frequency processor. We have been evolving into being able to do this, and we have released operating according to our 3D template to begin operating from our higher-essence template. This feels very different. We bring the energy of divine creation into our physical body and begin to work and live in a brand new way. It is a new version of us, a very empowered version, taking over and coming into play.

We are moving into something that feels like hyperdrive. Our minds can now very quickly solve things that other people feel are problems. We are able to create resolution and change. We are providing direction. We are working in tandem with the earth to clear old patterns and programs. With every act we establish more of the New Earth. We are creating balance and harmony and alignment where it hasn’t existed. And the changes are created by our new system and the power held within.

We are still going thru upgrades. There are still days where we feel flat and tired and bored. We also feel increasingly detached from all that is old. We wonder how long this process will take. But on some days we are now seeing this new aspect spontaneously kicking in, where we are in our sovereignty, our solar-powered essence, and there is no stopping us.

Pay attention to the information you are receiving, especially if you are woken from dreams with it. We are all being given information that we can use as we create, create, create, all the new that we want to see.

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  1. Thank you Terry, I needed this information today. It’s always good to know what in the heck is going on with me (lol). Have a beautiful day.

    Love and Light

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