Solar-Powered Selves

Years ago, when my journey first started, I got a message it was time to jump off the proverbial cliff. It was a first for me, but I did it. I quit my job, which I really liked, sold my house, which I also liked, and moved halfway across the country. And all I knew was what I had heard: I was going on a spiritual journey. I didn’t even know, at the time, what that meant. It was a complete leap of faith.

A year or so ago, I heard it was time to jump again. But–this was the challenging part–I couldn’t find the cliff. What was I jumping away from? What was I jumping to?

This was an even bigger leap of faith. This seemed to be leaving everything familiar. I finally agreed to jump, even though I couldn’t see the cliff or my destination. That’s when it happened. I ended up in a very new space. That’s the kind of trust we are mustering.

In this new space, I am impacting people in positive ways by simply being myself. I am helping them move into their own authenticity by being my truest myself. I am watching amazing things come into creation. All by just being me. The more we embody our truth, the more we embrace the realm of magical creation.

I was talking to someone yesterday, and told her she is being asked to jump. What??? she asked. I could feel her fear. But then she drew a picture of it and sent it to me, telling me she is a visual learner. For all of us visual learners, here is the graphic.IMG_1591

We are leaving the limits of 3D with all of its unworkable programs and structures. Once we jump, we don’t even look back. We find out we can fly, we can create what we need. We discover a magical, beautiful world, the New Earth.

We still have interactions with the old world. But they are different than they used to be. My car was recalled for a new airbag. I put it off, not wanting to drive 75 miles to the dealership or spend 5 hours waiting for the work to be done in the small, uncomfortable customer area. But I finally scheduled it, and asked for a magical experience. I also asked for the waiting room to be spiffed up. When I arrived, I discovered the waiting area was brand new. They were still putting the finishing touches on it! The dealership offered me a free rental car. They drove me across the street to the rental agency, where I was told they only had one car left, a brand new BMW SUV. Oh, and the next person to step up to the counter at the car rental place was offered a small Chevy… Then, as I pulled out of the parking lot in the BMW, the license plate on the car in front of me read SOL PWR. It was a beautiful reminder. We are driving our new solar-powered selves.

We have to remember at every moment that we are creators, and we are creating our new world. We have to ask, what do I want to create? What do I love? What do I love to do? All of our time now is spent doing what we love, whatever makes us happy.

Our challenge is to release the ways we learned to think in the old 3D realm about what was possible. None of that applies unless we believe it does. And you probably don’t want to continue believing it does.

So we believe in our ability to create what we need, and then we start creating. We don’t have to figure out how it’s going to work. We don’t have to make it happen. It’s completely effortless. Invite in the magic. Ask to have a magical day. Trust in your ability. What’s holding you back? Whatever it is, it’s time to let it go. It’s time to stop doubting your own magnificence.

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