The Realm of Cosmic Possibilities

A friend recently had a brief but powerful vision where she saw a door, and when she opened it, she was shown the Realm of Cosmic Possibilities. We are standing in that doorway now and we are going to find that many things are different as we step through.

I just had an experience of this, when I moved into a new timeline with a similar but somewhat different history that freed me from something I have been responsible for and was ready to be done with. In fact, I received a message my work was done. And then I discovered someone else has taken on responsibility for this and her history has shifted too. She told me she has been working on this project for three years. Apparently she has no knowledge I initiated the project two years ago and worked on it until now. The timeline changed.

This is awesome. A torch was passed and in a sense no one is the wiser. We will begin to have such experiences more frequently as people move into their own sovereignty and begin working for the common good, all the while forgetting their own past history, using the pathways we have created. We are wayshowers in so many ways, showing others what needs to be done in order to create a world that works for all. As we work for the good of all, others begin to show up and take over that work! It is incredible to witness. These happenings we are seeing now go far beyond our understanding. These are brand new experiences, and fortunately we are ready for them and we will embrace them as normal. They represent the new normal. With every new moment, we create another new normal scenario. And others follow the pathway and then begin to operate in that new normal way. This is such a beautiful design and process.

I spent two years creating the foundation for a green community and someone else stepped in and took over, announcing she had done it all. And I felt very happy about this. Our old selves would have wanted credit, our new selves are looking at a bigger picture. We start things and move on so that others can finish. We need no credit. Our reward is seeing the incredible results of all our work, most of which is invisible because it happens in the world of energy. Our new work is to create more pathways and generate ideas that others will pick up and run with.IMG_7073

People sense what we are doing and are drawn in, guided by their own higher wisdom to the new light-filled hills and dales and prairies and towns and New Earth spaces.

Our new solar-powered selves are embodying and expressing a brand new presence that speaks the language of light through its words and actions. Every iota of our old selves has been transformed into NEW, and these new templates are dreaming machines that create by the disarmingly simple power of heart-centered thought. That heart-thought comes into being at the moment it is felt or expressed. Abra cadabra. I create what I speak, live, feel and love. Whoosh! The new New Earth–based human template is operating in its new capacity, interconnected and interrelated to all, and spreading the love-infused solar rays to all.

Nothing stops us now from creating. The last barriers were cleared at the Equinox and we are moving into full solar emergence. Creation happens as a unity experience; we no longer create division. Those of us in the first wave will see successive waves moving into position now, ready to do what is needed.

2 thoughts on “The Realm of Cosmic Possibilities

  1. Thank you for this message- it is just what I needed to hear right now while coming to terms with letting go of a project. This is a good reminder of all the possibilities before us to contribute, if we can let go of what we no longer have enthusiasm for. Recognizing the goodness when others step forward as an occasion to celebrate, rather than mourn the loss of recognition.
    much love

  2. Thanks for the guidance, Terry. When I don’t see or hear immediate results, I’ll remember that it’s all working, even if I don’t perceive it. Good news!

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