The Morning News: LOVE

Very recently we anchored into a new space, where the ley lines of the earth—its energy meridians—were synchronized with our own new energy systems, and this was all synchronized with the cosmic plan for moving us into higher awareness and heart-centered living. This is another leap, but we are leaping almost daily now as we open new spaces and move into them with our ever-evolving inner knowing.

Our leaps are followed by periods of deep integration, where we may not have the physical energy to get much done. During these periods of integration we embody the new space, bringing our frequency into alignment with it, and once it’s a part of us, disseminate it. We do that by simply emitting our new frequency. This not only has an impact on others, it also materializes this high-frequency space around us.

Our templates, with every expansion, take on the new patterns for humanity and these move out thru us into the earth, into the environments around us, where they begin to activate and grow. We see evidence of this growth in many ways. Notably, it is the “falling apart” of the old, which cannot hold its false structure in the new energies. Any structures based on disharmony, lack of unity, lack of service to all that is, will experience this coming apart in order to be restructured at a higher frequency.

IMG_1900This is an enormous process and many are dedicated to seeing it thru. We are working tirelessly on this, letting other things go as we focus on our missions to bring in a new earth. We are anchoring the new templates of who we are into the field of awareness that has been established as our new environment.

We are the bringers and makers of this, the creators, the builders, the dreamers. It comes from our hearts and our new divine essence as we stream this divinity in a conscious way into the matter that makes up our new surroundings. This conscious live-streaming is one of our creative abilities. Our focused intent and no-nonsense solar power combine to create in a dynamic way. It might look like magic but it’s simply us finally owning our power.

We have been given a hand up into a unified way of being and we now give a hand up to others. As co-creators we embrace our sovereignty and solar essence to dream from divinity, to live in love. We are visionaries connected to truth who have harmonized the masculine and feminine aspects to move beyond polarity. We act from our heart center, the center of our personal universe, as an aspect of source. This is the spiral of life: the one supports the whole, the whole supports the one. The in breath and out breath form one continuous movement.

The energy of the old world is being contained. I was driving in my small town on a one-way street, when a woman pulled out in front of me, going the wrong way, evidently to save driving around the block. I stopped, hoping she would move into the other lane and go around my car. Instead, she had a meltdown. She hit her brakes and began screaming and shaking her hands. I couldn’t hear it. It was 2o feet from me, but it seemed like a hundred miles. When she was done she hit the gas and went into a parking lot to get to the corner. I continued on my way, unfazed by this. Surprisingly, her meltdown was contained in her own small field. The containment of this energy is important. It is no longer allowed to contaminate the new spaces we have made. She will probably experience the new space as disconcerting, but perhaps she will stop going the “wrong way.” Any person at any time can surrender to love and begin to have a new experience. This is happening. We are creating it.

We have anchored the New Earth even more firmly into the physical realm. Our actions are helping others to open to this energy and find their own place in it. This is an alive, dynamic energy that we have waited for, that we knew was coming. We know what to do and the important thing is not to resist it but to move into it, to see what it’s bringing.

This is the culmination of what we have worked for. It will bring evidence of change and progress with what is being cleared and established. Our higher aspects continue to embody, triggering our truth, stirring our remembering, and anchoring our expanding creative ability. We can be and do in new ways.

Years ago I used to get a morning paper. I would open my door and there it would be with the news of the day. This morning I opened my door and discovered a tiny piece of cellophane had blown in. Love, it says. That’s all the news I need.

6 thoughts on “The Morning News: LOVE

  1. Again, thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. Mother Mary said the other day that I was going through a grand transition and being pulled in many different direction. I had been feeling that for sometime so started to take zoloft to stay centered but now realize I need to feel whats happening and not block it. Love is always the answer if we would just remember that.

    Blessings Gayle

  2. sure seems a higher frequency is available…..this weekend I was around some folks who were NOT enjoying their lives (or my company…) and ‘normally’ i would have felt left out and ‘not knowing what’s wrong with me’ and would have taken it personally…..yet I was aware that I was having a wonderful time…I felt happy and was enjoying myself…and their ‘frequency’ didn’t affect mine. I felt some surprise and ‘noticed the change in myself’. Thank you for expressing ‘no contamination of our new spaces can occur’—i hadn’t thought of it that way.
    Here’s to us ALL!!!

  3. I want to share a beautiful quote i heard this morning that really ‘fit’….(i don’t know who said it…)

    “those that dance were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music…..”

  4. Thanks to all who’ve written. I especially loved the part about containing the energy of those who are not yet (again: not yet) in this field. To contain and maintain my focus on the love and joy available is the proper way to proceed.

  5. Thanks for shining even more light on these times with another beautiful article. Loving ourselves through times of integration and “inactivity” sure helps. So did pulling the “Light” card from your deck!

  6. Thank you for this inspiring message. I had begun to loose sight of the ultimate goal. This message buoyed my energies and I am again centered and ready to proceed! It is such an honor to see and be part of the overall changes! It is time! Love! Love! Love! Doreen

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