Trusting Our Inner Star Kid

Even if we can’t remember, the part of us that is not from here knew some things as a kid. We had a tool that we used easily and effortlessly to create whatever we needed. The tool was imagination. We made things real by imagining they were. We could imagine so many things into being: a horse, a castle, a new identity, a legion of allies. Even though imagination was often dismissed, it was something we all did without thinking about it. It was a natural aspect of who we were as kids, and it’s an integral part of img_2880who we are now as light anchors on the ascending path.

We are calling this power back. It is one of our inherent creative tools, and one we are meant to use to create new scenarios, new situations, and new surroundings outside the perceived limitations of the 3D world. What amazing, incredible things are you able to imagine, from your heart, from the creative center of your being? Take a moment right now to think of something. Close your eyes and see it as real. As children we did this with our eyes open, so when you open your eyes, continue to know that what you imagined is real.

Creation has two parts, the action and the embodiment. With the action, we create something we need or wish to have from our heart. With the embodiment, we then exist in or inhabit the space/opportunity/dream we have created. We own it. Thus we begin to see that what we have created from inside of us is also around us. It’s our new environment. In this way we acknowledge our abilities as creators. What we are creating is showing up, and we can own this.img_2883

Here is a message I received from one of my higher aspects:

Be in your heart and know that you are invincible in your hearts. Your heart is the center of your being, it leads you in everything you do. It leads you into truth, into peace, it leads you into the home within yourself, where you are whole, and then you bring that wholeness to the world around you, and it becomes whole. This is the magic of creation, that your whole heart becomes the whole heart of the world, and you arrive at the place of wholeness, of unified action, of heart-centered relationship, of knowing that each one of you is made of divine light that has taken form as you, and each of you creates the beauty of everything around you. Life becomes truly wonderful, and this is where you are coming to now, this place you have dreamed into being an age ago, for right now. Please know and be aware that you have so many powers inherent in and residing in you that you only need call on to take advantage of, the powers to align, to create, to heal, to calm, to inspire, to divine, to know, to assist, to love. All this and more, I invite you to step into your power and to become who you came here to be. Lo, it is only when you do this that you will experience the glory that awaits you, that is yours. You are the power of creation. The power of creation is within you, within the solar fire of your heart. You can depend on this, and you can act on this, in alignment with the One. For we are all the One, and we are each the All.img_2686

September brings us into a whole new arena. What I am seeing is that we are anchoring the NOW from our highly evolved selves that have already done this. We may feel removed from the 3D world during this process, as if a vast space exists between us and that old world.

We’ve created and now we are entering our creations. We will see them and begin to enjoy them, and we will see how we create them. As we continue clearing the trappings of so many years of unworkability in order to return to the truth of who we are, it is definitely time for some enjoyment of the new.

3 thoughts on “Trusting Our Inner Star Kid

  1. I love it when we let children and their incredible imaginations become our teachers, and they show us how to believe in what we imagine as well. Picasso knew this- always striving to find the center of himself and connection that he knew as a 5 year old.

  2. Alberto Villoldo’s book, “Mending the Past, Healing the Future” uses the methodology of our future self’s coming back to “now” to guide us to do what we need to do. That youthful and joyful creativity and imagination make the job so much easier! Thanks for this post.

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