Powering Up: New Earth Is Here

For the last two days, I have been seeing that not only is our New Earth now fully anchored and online, we are all there and beginning to learn how it works. September has brought the energy and power for this to finally happen.goldwhite

Saturday while I was in line to get gas I saw that everyone has been brought to this new space, and Sunday morning on my walk, I saw that New Earth is securely in place and functioning. Years ago, I used to see it as a few feet above the old Earth, just waiting to become real. In recent months I saw the gridwork was firmly established, and then yesterday, there it was, very much in place. After all these years of working to make it happen, it’s here.

Most people are not aware of this amazing transformation we are experiencing, but some that I talk to are having experiences they don’t understand. We can no longer use our old belief system in this new space, so for those who do, it will backfire right away and they will not be happy with the results. This of course is to help release those pesky old patterns, systems, and habits. So the old will no longer fly, and we will have to get on board with the new. Those of us who have been doing this work will be role models for the new ways so that others can learn. Those of us in the new space are seeing the ease with which we can create.

September so far is super intense, creating many issues at the physical level. This is to facilitate the deep clearing that is needed from anywhere in our physical body that we have held what we once believed in that is now unworkable. We are contracting and diving deep, and then we are expanding into LOVE. You may notice all the emotions associated with this. Whatever we haven’t done that needs to be done is happening now. So support yourself, love yourself thru this and know that it is taking us to a good place beyond the density of the old world.

I asked for a message about what we are experiencing and received this from my higher aspects:

We are entering the new age that we have long known about. The advent of this age is bringing with it many changes that will be visible to you. You will experience these changes first in your physical body with the clearing of all old systems, and as they are cleared from you they will be cleared from your immediate environment first and then from your greater environment. Inside you are the ancient seeds, planted to bloom at this time, nurtured by the solar light within you. This is your solar integration. You are a sovereign being and your relationship with yourself is sacred. It is a sacred partnership that brings who you are into your divinity so that you can create from the space of your divine will. This is the next level of creation for you. You are being activated to this now and you will be moving into this new level of creatorship as you release what has held you back.

We are being made new. Our divinity is expanding and we will notice that we deeply love ourselves, so deeply it brings tears to our eyes. We will notice we deeply love others. We will realize our experiences have guided us to NOW. As we clear we feel different, very new. We are being re-energized at our new high frequency by high-intensity energy streaming into our light body from the cosmic arena.

Everything is changing. This morning I saw a new ad from Safeway, which said, Organic for All. Organic food is now for everyone. A beautiful message.

Be kind to yourself during this intense passage this month as we navigate this very new space. And remember to remind yourself where you are: New Earth.

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