New Beginnings

September ‘s influx of light has meant business, and this month has packed a punch in the evolution department. Wherever we were at the start of the month, we are irrevocably changed now. These heart-opening energies have done their job.

This month has shown us the line between the old and the new, and we are now being asked to make new choices, to choose sovereignty, to choose love, to choose our bold new unlimited Self.

We have left the old paradigm and closed the door on who we were. The door we have opened is taking us into where we haven’t been before. And with all the work on our hearts to open them, we are venturing whole-heartedly into the new.

We are different. We may discover our interests have changed. We are going to be learning what we enjoy and want to do, and what we don’t. We will see evolution and change in this area. I talked to a friend who owns a small business, and she said she only wants to do the parts she loves. So focus on what you love and let the rest evolve or disappear.

We are remembering. From somewhere deep inside our cosmic heart a primal memory is percolating. It’s calling to us and encouraging us at every turn. It is expanding our knowledge base. It is bringing us back into relationship with our SELF and moving us in new directions.

Tuesday this message came thru. We are done with the known. We are now in the “new’n.” The wordplay emphasizes the point: we are now learning what we know by living it NOW in this new time. We set aside the old ideas and directions in order to experience the new ones. This is our new knowing.img_2988

September is bringing up our stuff. We are going to see the things that have challenged us in our lives, whatever those challenges were. Because it is time to clear and release. We are finally really and truly letting these go so that there is no more charge from them. Have we all been thru stuff? Yes. And this stuff brought us to right now, where we are stepping into something very different the minute we release the way the past imprinted its pattern on us. We are stepping out of those patterns. So take a moment if you are feeling challenged to do the following:

Close your eyes and see yourself as you are. Now imagine that as you look at yourself, any remaining old imprints that were put on you are dissolving. Imprints of limitation, of lack, of disease, of fear, of sadness, of unworthiness, of not being loved. Whatever it is for you, see it all dissolving from your entire body, your cells, your bones, your nervous and circulatory systems, your emotional body, your mental body. When it feels gone, open your eyes.

We are letting go at a deeper level, because we are ready to do that. The deep letting go can leave us feeling tired. Be kind to yourself during this process.

I had a call from someone who said he was recovering from a cold. He’d had a fever, and during the fever, he was visited by Jesus. He wasn’t sure what it meant, as he’d walked away from the religious teachings of his southern childhood. I asked him how the visit felt, and he realized it felt good, different, new. We are embracing Christ consciousness, we are embracing the Love that was always the message. We are being welcomed back into our truth. We are being welcomed back to Love.

In the last day or so, the intense energies have softened. We are softening too, no longer needing hard edges or the fierceness that propelled us in this work. We will see where this leads.

So as September ends, things feel new in a new way, like nothing we’ve experienced before. We’re arriving in the new spaces we’ve been creating. You may be feeling a temporary sense of disconnect, and a loss of interest in things you’ve been doing or an inability to drum up the wherewithal to devote time to them. And at the same time feeling like your heart is opening in huge ways.img_2944

We’re being invited to have a new experience. We are now closing the door to our life as it has been and opening a door to what awaits.

In the sky this morning on my walk, there were cloud letters and numbers. Shorthand for what we are going thru. Omega, representing the culmination of the old, what we are stepping away from. 1, representing new beginnings. 3, representing unity. And T, representing the axis of creation. We align with the axis of creation to move into our new creative power. Doing this can shift the energy and re-energize us creatively.

Here is another message as we emerge from the momentum of September.

Thank you all, for everything you do. You are beautiful beyond measure, you are powerful creators, imbued with love. You are the living template for the new time. You are YOU, the living, breathing experience of the divine physical. You have anchored the light in order to shift human consciousness, and now you can watch this take place.

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. How did this just happen? I was sorting through my guestroom and discovered your book. “Dance”, wow, so much has happened Terry and I’m thinking about you today…I wonder, do you still live at the beach? We have been away from Gearhart for almost 5 yrs. I still miss it so much and would love to move back to the coast. Your blog today had very special meaning to me. So much has happened in our lives, especially 2016….we must let go of this year, it has been one of illness, anxiety, despair, loss of loved ones, all which has thrust me to see a counselor, and that is working out wonderfully. thinking of you, and hoping maybe one day to re-connect in some way. Best to you.

  2. Thanks so much for explaining what is going on better than I ever could have. It’s interesting to see how some friends can see/feel how much we’ve changed, and are interested, and some try to negate the whole picture (through fear?). Detachment from the old ways (3Dland) certainly helps…

  3. Thank you Terry for sharing these wonderful words of wisdom! On Sept. 28th I had the opportunity to be led on a journey which took me to a star above a pond with sparkles full of familiar ancestors:)…..the star stretched in all directions and dimensions and eventually I felt the feeling of love and realized the illusion of separateness….so very nice to read your message today. Blessings and Peace to you and thanks to all who help to focus on creating a new consciousness.

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