Coming into Bloom

For most of October we’ve been experiencing upgrades and restructuring of our physical body that has made it a challenge to do things (like write), but this morning there was a beautiful shift. Phenomenal energy was coming in to activate, enlighten and energize the new template that has been created over the last months that moves our physical body from 3D functioning to a higher level. This is happening for everyone who is ready. And those of us who have been doing this work for awhile are more than ready. We’ve been waiting for this to happen, this energizing of the new template and it feels unbelievably good.

Ongoing this month is energy to open our hearts, to clear whatever kept them closed, so that we can experience open-hearted interaction. When we are in the midst of heart-opening, we are smiling and friendly to everyone, even those we might not usually interact with. At this point, surrendering to the process is ever so important as we meet what arises and observe the experience. We are being carried by the current of Christ consciousness into our new ways of being and it happens faster when we go with the flow.img_3107

Our resistance is being cleared, and one of the ways this is showing up for me is that if I want something from the grocery store, instead of waiting until I have a list, as I have always done, off I go to get what I need. Very new for me, and it goes counter to my ideas of not making unnecessary trips. But I can see the end result is to get me out of my own way, so that I am not blocking what is taking place. This is what we will find, that we are being moved out of our own way, so that even our good intentions are not preventing us from becoming our fullest, most amazing, powerful, lit-up selves.

Our open heart is a portal to a new way of being, and it’s also an open door for everyone we meet to move into a new way of being themselves when they choose. There is light streaming thru our open hearts to everyone we encounter, the light of Christ consciousness. This consciousness of love is our new environment. This energy has streamed into us and into the earth and we are now the living, breathing embodiment of it. We are the new earth and the new earth is us and we are live-streaming the solar consciousness of love everywhere we go, just by being our new selves. And the more we embody the new, the more we experience it, the more we enjoy it, the more we benefit from it, and the more the old disappears.

This morning on my walk I stopped to see some friends. Their cat immediately wrapped herself around my ankles. My friends both cringed and said, “Watch out, she’ll scratch you.” I said, “There’s nothing for her to scratch.” And what I meant was, there was nothing in me that invited being scratched. And until that moment, I didn’t know that. But I felt the truth of it. And indeed, she never scratched me. Then, the other day, as I walked on a path, a blackberry bramble snagged me, but when I stopped and pulled it off my skin, there was surprisingly no mark. Things are definitely changing.img_2443

When we have cleared the parts of our old selves that created pain, there is no more pain to experience. So wherever you are in this process, continue opening to the unfolding that is all around us, that is enveloping us in new ways of being. Surrender and know that all is well. All is well as we create a very new experience of love for ourselves and everyone else, and as we hold the door open to the new experience for all who wish to move into it.

This message came thru for us:

We embody the love that is within us and that has always been there but needed to be remembered. As we remember it we are filled with the flush of feeling that can bring tears of joy to our eyes. We realize we are interconnected. We are part of the earth, we are part of the cosmos. If we love who we are, the love grows all around us. The love is us and we are the love. We light up the planet. Each of us twinkles and sparkles and glows. We are the beginning and the end and everything in between. We are… exactly… who we came to be. Our open heart is the open heart of everything, and we hold all of creation within us. Divinity now lives within our cells, divinity is now the essence of who we are. We are the creator of our new self, and the new earth now blooms from within our new essence. We are the flowers of Christ consciousness creating the new garden.

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