Using Our Power to Create

Many in the U.S. have experienced a major shock this month and everyone is dealing with it in their own way. The evening of the election, before the results were in, I received a clear message, that it didn’t matter who won because the plan was in place and in play. It allowed me to take a step back and remind myself of the work we are doing to create something new. All of this work is coming to fruition, and the old is coming to a close. While we don’t know exactly how that will look, it is important for each of us to focus on the new earth we are creating, so that it can continue to take shape around us. We are going to see many changes taking place as the old world comes apart, but we are also going to be amazed at what we are able to create.

The best way to discover our power to create is to try it with small things to see what happens. Here’s something I just experienced. Someone told me a local shoe store was having a sale Sunday on everything in the store. I needed a pair of boots and although this store doesn’t carry that brand, I went anyway, to see if there was something similar. I was trying on some boots for rainy winter walking when I looked up and saw the very pair I wanted, which the store has never carried before! And they were on sale, which also never happens. So I created what I needed. This is one way we practice using our power, by creating things we actually need.

We are all learning how to do this, and we are learning that we CAN do it. Our power to create in amazing ways is returning to us and all we have to do is believe it. The more we use our power for the greater good, the more we access it.img_3089

We have now entered this very important time where we will actively use our dynamic creative power. Just as we are seeing the Water Protectors in Standing Rock standing up for all with regard to access to pure water, we are now all being called to stand for and work for and create what we believe and want to see. This is a very real and interactive process, one that needs all of our talents and abilities.

We do this from our heart. From the space of our heart, we feel what we want and we put those desires out there. Know that you can do this.

We are the dreamers of the new, as we create peace and abundance for all, and as we allow everyone to experience their own journey. We are the protectors of what we create as we dream heart connection and co-creation into being. We are dreaming big here—new ways of being and relating to all. We are no longer worried about what others think of our new belief systems, because we are living them and enjoying them.

This is a time of enormous change for everyone. As we move into our leadership roles, showing by example, living by example, loving as the example of what can be, we provide light where many think there is none. We inspire, we show the way. The old is completing, the new is beginning, and we are entering a time of incredible potential. All we have to do is dream our new worlds into being. It is up to us to do this and we are ready. Remember, we have the power.

2 thoughts on “Using Our Power to Create

  1. Thanks Terry- your words of hope become even more powerful in the face of the pain and suffering that we are seeing in the world right now as it transforms.

  2. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I really needed to hear them after the election and the following days. It was good to have the reminder that all is what it is!

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