The Restoration of Love

We have been experiencing opening to Love, filling with Love, and anchoring Love on the planet, but a few days ago I had a spontaneous and unexpected new experience. This time it went well beyond just the energy of Love coming thru. It was powerful, it was palpable, it was transformative. In the midst of this energy and the gold light that illuminated it was something I have never felt before. It was holy.

And before I continue, let me insert here the origin of holy. It is “whole and intact, that which cannot be transgressed or violated.” In other words, our true and original connection with Love is being returned and restored. This is what we have been longing for, waiting for, and dreaming of for ages.

In this process, we are letting go of what is familiar and moving completely into the unknown. This is all about trust. By suspending what we know, even for a moment, we open to what is there waiting. We open to the holiness, the wholeness of Love. Love is sacred, divine power, connection, essence and purpose. It is who we are as sacred, sovereign beings.IMG_3575

During November and December there were strong heart openings to prepare us for this. These will continue to move us into the sacred space of heart connection. In this space we give up protecting ourselves from love. We all want love and meaningful connection and yet we block it from coming to us. Most people are expert love blockers. It is what we have learned, because love was not something we could trust. That has now shifted.

With the enormous clearing that has taken place, there are now those who have moved into a space of openness to Love and they are holding this for all. Love is our greatest gift and power and we are finally able to experience it. The moment that we do we realize we are in the presence of the Divine, and this divinity is reflecting back to us our own essence. We have found our sacred heart. It is powerful, it is humbling, it is beautiful beyond words. This is our God Self in action.

Our God Selves are world changers. We change the world thru the new energy we embody, the Divine Love held in our solar consciousness. We are no longer who we used to be. We are new. We are a force to be reckoned with, a force for transformation. We are no-nonsense.

All of this is a challenge to put into words because it exists beyond words. Experiencing Love thru our God Self embraces our multi-dimensionality, our limitlessness, and our humanity, all in one. Imagine inhaling the fragrance of a frangipani flower on a warm, clear day. The scent permeates your being. You close your eyes to feel it and sense it. Now multiply this times ten thousand. Because the energies opening us to Love, once they permeate our defenses, infuse us with something new, something we’ve never taken in before in our time on Earth. To feel this is sublime. And as we feel it, we are forever changed.

Once we are no longer putting up walls and blocking Love (receiving or giving) we enter the space of sovereign divinity, where everything becomes sacred. We take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We honor ourselves by remaining in our high-frequency spaces, the spaces that allow us to create peacefulness and ease and experience the miraculous nature of creation, and we no longer agree to drop into unawareness. We reclaim our joy.

We give ourselves a new message: It is safe to open to Love. We no longer need to block it. You will have your own transformative experiences. Please share them with people you know.

There is something happening for those who are still in their heads. They are being moved out so that alignment of the head and heart can take place. Someone I know had an experience last week as she was driving home. All her thoughts became fragments and while she recognized them, they didn’t fit together. It was like a brain blizzard of swirling thoughts. It lasted for a little while, and after that she said she felt very content to not do much. This is a reminder that it is a very real, and at times, intense process of revamping our physical body. And opening to Love.

Something new I am noticing is that our ability to create is spreading to those who are working with us, assisting them with creating easily too. And they are noticing this. So our New Earth spaces are not only well-anchored, they are established and growing. And other people will benefit from this as they grow, expand and relax into these new ways of being.

I read that 2017 is a 1 year, and it begins a new creative cycle. I wanted to experience that before I wrote about it. Now that I have, I agree. We are beginning a new creative cycle, from a new place inside of us where our sacred heart is now lit and divinely inspired to create a new world. Over and over, we drop deeper and deeper into our truth, until that truth is who we are and we stop looking back and who we thought we were. We are then free to create and dream beyond limitation.

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