How We Manifest

Someone I know recently had a manifestation experience. She’s always said, there’s nothing she needs, so she doesn’t know what to ask for. But on this day, she needed a glue stick to make Valentine’s cards. She drove to her small, newly opened market and looked through the whole store. No office supplies of any kind. Next she asked the man working the cash register. He said, no, we don’t carry them. Then she looked down, and right on a small shelf below where she was standing was a box of glue sticks. They had no price and the cashier was unable to scan them. He said, how does $1.50 sound? She said she was so excited she would have paid $20. At that moment she understood what it meant to manifest. It meant to create something that you need when you need it. When this happens, it often breaks some of the physical laws, as a way to let us know that we are experiencing the new process of creating. When we are in the midst of a creation experience, we see the possibilities. When we get out of the way and simply have a need, we are able to create what we are needing. The more we are able to relax about this process, the more it will bend or break the physical laws that we have always thought were true. We will find that we don’t need our creative endeavors to make sense.

Many people struggle when they first begin to work with manifestation, and then when it happens, they discover that it is effortless. And it happens outside of our capacity to think or reason. We manifest from our expanded aspects, which moves us beyond the limited 3D capabilities that we have tried to create with in the past.

Manifestation is an act of power and trust. The more we trust our own inherent power, the easier it becomes, until we discover we are manifesting all the time. We are creating the experiences we want to have.

The first time we do it, it can feel like the room lights up. It can feel euphoric. There can be a rush of adrenaline. A thrill. These help to cement the experience in our new memory channels, neural pathways, and heart-mind, and create our manifestation superhighway. They help to create our new orientation, so that we begin doing things in a different way. We begin to realize that we can create. And then we learn we can create outside the physical laws we have always followed. We begin to experience freedom.

All of this is about moving out of our conditioned ways of doing things in order to access these new ways that are here now. We are accessing our power to create in unlimited ways. We are able to create more right now than we believe we are able to create. Thus it’s important to keep challenging what we believe.

We are embodying the intense upgrades that are changing us into galactic humans. You may be noticing old beliefs resurfacing for one more look. From your new vantage point you can see how untrue they were and you can also see how you accepted them as true. This helps us to complete our separation from them. We are shedding the emotional weight of these old beliefs. Finally they no longer weigh us down and we move into our expanded potential. This is what is allowing us to move into the new realities that we are creating.

I was awakened the other night by a sound, like a small explosion. It came from my own chest, and when I woke up, I saw that a stargate had opened in my heart center. It was the first time I had seen something like this. Inside the stargate was a flower of life, which contained the codes of creation for us to use in our work. These create the new Eden blueprint for us and the earth. Many of us are now working on anchoring this, so that all will have access thru their new embodied self. As each person creates their own heaven, these heavens overlap, expanding the feeling of peace, harmony, comfort, joy, love and abundance. Eden is as much an emotional experience as a physical one: how we feel when we are there.

Pay attention to how you feel and know you can also choose how you feel. Many are reporting now that many feelings are showing up in them, feelings that they had previously suppressed. This is because the incoming energies are bringing these to the surface for release. It is important to not attach to them; notice them and ask them to release. You may notice, as one friend did, the power and depth of Love that is appearing now. This is our power, our ability to Love and experience Love once we clear our fear and our resistance. Notice the ways you block Love, and ask that those be released.

There is so much energy coming thru it is important not to mistake this for anxiety. We are experiencing frequency bursts on the inside/outside that are enlivening us to new levels. Every part of us is being shifted and upgraded. The faster you open and adjust to this, the easier it is.

We are making great progress, and while it seems slow at times, we continue to get closer to the creations we want to see. Continue to focus on these as much as you can, rather than all the distractions from the old world. It has never been more important to recognize that we are accessing our power NOW, and our power is to create the world anew thru Love. You do not need a voting booth to create in this way. As you read this message, you will be taking in the energies that come with it, energies that empower YOU and connect YOU with your solar-powered, heart-centered, crystalline consciousness ability to create.

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  1. I’m finding myself more interested in manifesting other people who share my commitment to various kinds of good work. They’ve been showing up!

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