Lightening Up

The ever-amplifying energies are asking us to move into our power, to take charge, but not from a place of control. Instead from a place of deeply loving who we are and who we are all becoming on this planet. We are being asked to move into our sovereignty and into balance.

We have worked to create healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and now it is important to call all these bodies into our higher-dimensional experience. The physical is the most challenging for many, as this is where we have held our density. Now as we lighten up, our physical body must release the last heavy programming that it holds, the belief in 3D aging especially. As we move into higher frequencies, our bodies are capable of more than we have known.

How do we do this? We ask our body, we give it guidance and instruction, we invite it to come with us. I invite you, my physical body, to join me on this magnificent venture into new life. I invite you to revitalize with me, to shed your tired beliefs about what you can do, and walk with me–no, FLY–into this new experience where together we will redefine what it means to be a human on Earth, as we become new humans on New Earth! Hand in hand we create a new way of being and doing, a new way of relating, a new way of creating.

We are based in our hearts, we are buoyed by solar light. As we envision the new, we pull it into being from the crystalline air. We are creators!

Joy is the essence of our being, and we are tasting this more and more. We are wanting the new experience of connecting with other people thru the heart. At times it feels lonely to not have what we know is possible. It’s coming.

Everyone finds their footing, but the path has been created by all of us working to do this. Envision what New Earth looks like to you. We are heart-centered, we live in peace. We are supportive of all.

If you feel you can’t imagine it, begin by sitting in meditation. Breathe Love into your body and let it fill your being. Then breathe Love out to everyone as you exhale. Continue doing this, focusing on Love with each breath. Bring Love in, send Love out. Do this for 20 minutes.

When I did this last night, after 10 minutes or so I saw I was connected to those all over the planet who were doing this work. There were some in the mountains of Tibet, there were shamans in Peru, there were Native Americans. The energies were palpable. There were many, many people, lights in the darkness. I could hear their words and their songs and feel their deep love for the Earth as they worked to create a new way and a new time. I saw lines of energy extending into the sky to the stars, to the Pleiades and back to us. The energy lines of support and connection. The experience was mystical and profound. It was the first time I had seen the extent of the connection in such a clear way for what is taking place.

For any who feel alone in this process, it is good to know that we are energetically connected to many others doing this work.

March has been intense, asking us to finally release the old programs and patterns that have kept us small. These may be showing up in your physical body as symptoms, aches and pains that you haven’t felt like this for some time. There have been sharp pains in joints, dull aches in muscles, brief head pressure and pain. The last places that we hold fear are being cleared. Fear is what kept us recreating the old stories that were so frustrating. Fear is part of our programming until we finally call it out and see it for what it is. And then we can move beyond its limiting influence. It’s uncomfortable to experience fear–but when we finally have the courage and awareness to challenge it, we are propelled beyond it, into freedom.

Much is changing now. Look beyond the headlines. Feel the truth of your own experience. We are holding the light, growing the light, and expanding the light into every part of the globe. We are gardeners of light, glowing like sunflowers in the field. In February I was shown the the new Eden templates are in place to use for creating our new Edens. It is part of our work to bring these in and it facilitates creation of the new by putting new patterns in place. We can take advantage of these new templates to create now. You don’t have to have all the answers. Surrender to what you don’t know. Hold space for the new. See it and dream it as we make it happen.

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  1. Thanks Terry, for so beautifully illustrating what we’re going through now. You had me with the title! Good one. To move into this new space without “any of the answers,” but to just trust as we let go really works!

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