Happy New Earth!

It’s challenging to write, in a linear way, about what has been happening lately, but here are some of the main things. Recalibration has been taking place to bring the physical body fully online in its 5D format. This has been a very long time coming and has involved clearing of expired patterning and programming from the 3D physical body. February and March were especially intense with regard to clearing of no longer valid but deeply held conditioning. If you are still in this, stay with it, because you will emerge into something really new and wonderful, and you will have more access to your ability to create and more awareness of what you are creating.

You may begin to notice renewed vitality, muscles kicking in that have felt unused, eyes shifting in and out of focus, and an on-again, off-again appetite. You may have cravings for food that you haven’t eaten for a long time. For a couple people I know, it’s ice cream and potato chips. There is a new engine revving inside us.

The 5D body is glowing with solar light and the solar/love consciousness of this new experience. Here is a story that illustrates this beautifully. In the Pacific Northwest we’ve had an especially rainy winter. On the first sunny day, a local woman reported that she asked a two-year-old in a restaurant what she thought of the sunshine streaming in. The little girl replied, “I am my sunshine.”

This is the 5D body: it is its own sunshine. It is its own everything. We are what we need. And this is what we are beginning to experience as we bring the new consciousness into our evolving physical body. We are emitting light. We are emitting love. We are holding the consciousness of the New Earth as we create it.

We will notice new levels of peace and harmony around us that reflect the work we have done to create this. This past week when I did errands, the store employees I interacted with were happy and kind, which was a treat. When we experience this, it is a reflection of our own world, because we are creating what we want to experience. Our new worlds are growing and expanding as we move into our power to create them. We are definitely noticing that power as we call on it and try it out.

Focus on this as we hear the saber-rattling of the old world as it comes apart. Decide which world you want to be a part of and put your energy there. Feed the one that you want to see grow. Many of us are growing a peaceful world now.

The new consciousness is merging and anchoring inside us, creating the new time. We experienced a major shift in mid-April to propel us further into this space of harmony and balance. And we’ve been able to stay in this space where we are creating our dreams and desires.

I measure everything based on my own experience. Last week I wanted buns from my wonderful little organic bakery. They often make just enough to meet their orders. I called to see if they had any extra and the owner, who answered, said, “This call makes my day! I was guided to ask the baker to make 6 extra buns today but I didn’t know why and now you’re letting me know my intuition was correct.” He got my psychic text message. Many people are reporting increased intuitive connection.

Except for basic necessities, I have not gone out much in the last few years because of this ascension process. The other evening I ventured out to hear a talk about beavers at my local library. Beavers are being reintroduced and supported in urban environments and valued for their contributions. There was a crowd of about 40 people in the room when I arrived and took a seat. For the first time I saw something I haven’t seen before–the intensity of my own frequency. I felt like a shooting star perched on a folding chair trying to not stand out. Here’s the good news: my frequency didn’t drop during the hour of the talk, so we are now able to hold these new frequencies when we are around others. This is the building block of the new. We are holding the new in place. We’ve left the old world; we no longer go back into it. Whatever we do, we do in the new frequencies. Take note of your own shooting star self.

We are changing moment by moment now, with changes coming fast. We are expanding the vessel of who we are and discovering each day more newness. We are having opportunities to see the parts that didn’t work so that we can move past them, into our wholeness and truth. We are holding the new frequencies and sharing them with others to assist in their evolution. We’re in the new space, creating our new surroundings, and it’s amazing to see it happening.

Many higher aspects are merging now and we can focus on merging with them, especially our solar/Christ consciousness. Merge with this as you fall asleep each night.

A higher aspect of me that just integrated said, stop measuring yourself via age. That is a linear system. Begin to measure how unified you are.

As we focus on being unified, we emerge into a unified state, where we experience balance, peace, harmony and love. And our creative power is amplified to the point where we can see it in action very clearly. In these beautiful new energies, we are seeing the power of what we can do. And realizing what we are capable of.

We are now seeing that what we believed in, worked for, cared about and invested in is real. We’ve made it happen. Happy New Earth Day, every day!

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  1. Thank you Terry, this is just what I needed to hear. Things are happening fast and sometimes I feel like I’m running to keep up (lol). I’m passing this on to my friends.

    Blessings, Gayle

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