Saying NO!

After receiving so many communications recently from people being challenged, it seems important to share this now. May has been off the charts in intensity. When I went to do some grocery shopping, I stood outside this great little organic market for a few moments, then realized I was unable to go in. That’s a first. I was also unable to stay at the first farmer’s market of the season after I got there. There was simply too much disorganized energy coming from the crowd of people there.

Thus I’ve been working with saying NO and meaning it to various things that have arisen. I found myself guided to say, NO, I don’t want that in my life. No more! Done! I’ve been saying this with a new level of intensity.

We must be firm. The challenges are showing up to find out if we are willing to seriously create something new, which we are now entirely capable of doing. But we have to stop going back into our old habitual powerless zone—that place of thinking we really can’t change something. We must know that we can now totally change what is, what seems to be true, because these challenges are tests, to test our resolve, our willingness to move into our divinity, our gorgeous solar-powered newness, our crystalline impeccability, our powerhouse NOW self. We’ve been going thru years of upgrades to reach this place. Now it’s time to put into play what we know.

As we challenge the status quo, we empower our SELF to move into fresh territory, into the potential for creation. We empower our galactic aspect to take the reins, and the wooden stick horse we were riding becomes a unicorn flying us to new lands. We won’t find out what lies beyond what we know unless we are willing to go there.

Let’s find out what we’re made of, now that we’re made of it! And discover what’s possible.

We build the New Earth by clearing out our old patterns and observing what no longer works. We challenge our doubt and put in place new patterns of self-trust. We challenge our fear and add new patterns of self-love. Slowly but surely we build a different foundation and create a new environment. We create a whole new forcefield.

And this is the force that’s with all of us now.

We’re not only creating something new, but learning to operate in new ways and use the new abilities available to us. And we discover what to do and how to do it by doing it. The minute we start is when we find out what we can do.

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