Embracing Our Power

Nothing is separate. Everything is woven together, each of us and each of our stories. Changing one thing impacts the whole. If we pull a weed, we jiggle a star.

This means every change you make in yourself changes the whole. Every person on the planet has the opportunity to evolve, and that evolution begins inside. We evolve out of our lesser beliefs that we are not enough, into love, where we begin to experience connection, co-creation, peace, harmony, happiness and release from the chaos. Everyone is moving into this, and I’m hearing reports from people now about their own evolution.

This is how we create the New Earth, each one of us evolving into loving ourselves and being who we truly are. By doing this we claim new aspects of ourselves, the aspects that are being triggered by the influx of light.

Yesterday (June 5) I felt an energy of reorganization, where our physical, emotional and mental aspects were “reorganized” to create a harmonious state of alignment. I am noticing new feelings of happiness, balance, gratitude and peace. We’ve been infused with our divinity.

One night in 2010 I had an experience, when the ceiling of my room lifted off, and a Turtle Ship came down. The underside of it was open and I could see that inside was an exquisitely beautiful New Earth, holding everything that I wanted. The ship continued to descend over the top of me, but at the last moment I lost my nerve. I felt I wasn’t ready to go on it, and in an instant it vanished. Ever since, I have wondered what if?

Recently, I had a vision where I rose up into the air and expanded into a large circular shape. And then suddenly, I became the Turtle Ship, hovering over the top of others. And at that moment I understood, I AM the New Earth. We are all the New Earth, the minute we decide to create this. We become the vessel for New Earth, and everywhere we go, this is with us. It is part of us. New Earth is not outside of us, it is us. We create it in us and around us.

Immediately after this I entered One Mind, or the God Mind, where I could see waves of energy. This is what we use to create. In fact, I was shown how to create this way in my 20s but I didn’t understand it then.

The God Mind gives us access to creating the new. We access it when we are ready, when we align with our heart and allow our heart to open, when we stop blocking love. This process is happening for each, and each who wishes will move into this space. We expand past our small human self into the possibilities that lie beyond what we have known.

As our awareness expands, we gain access to our gifts and tools and abilities. We begin to consciously create our experience.

Here is something you can say to help you move into your power and begin to access all that is waiting for us.

I am ready to embrace my power, to move into it, to live it, to be it. My power is an expression of my truth and my authenticity. I support myself in the process of living in a new way, of living as my true self, of being unafraid to move into this. I easily see what I want to do, what I need to do, what I love. I am becoming my new self and as I embody my new self, I release all the parts of the past that no longer fit. I fully honor who I am, and I love myself as I embrace all the newness that is appearing.

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