A Glimpse of What’s Coming

When we’re in the thick of it with this process, sometimes what gets us thru is to see a glimpse of what’s coming. I just had one that was brief but amazing.

We’ve been dreaming our new worlds into being for a long time, some of us for years. But recently I saw that something I was helping others create, was actually creating what I have been wanting, and there it was, coming in! It was just as beautiful and incredible as I’ve been picturing. It was just a glimpse, but it was powerful confirmation. Once we have empowered ourselves to move beyond the old limitations, we can empower others by simply being who we are now and sharing what we know. Many are ready for this. They’re noticing that we’re different, and they’re paying attention.

What we are creating can arrive in unexpected ways, when we are sharing Love, leadership and our gifts with others. Because, as we are assisting others to create by showing them what’s possible with our new power, we are creating our New Earth, too. And part of being what Denise LeFay calls the Forerunners of the Forerunners is helping others by sharing the new energy that we embody and empowering them to move beyond the old rules, boundaries and limitations.

We love love love ourselves, we establish our New Earth boundaries for people who still want to dish out their unconscious programs because they haven’t done the work, and then we realize that by creating our dreams we are creating something magnificent for all.

It can seem like an endlessly long process, but with this glimpse of what is arriving I see it’s already here. I did not expect it to happen in this way. But in fact, through our giving, we begin receiving. We can dream our world into being, but it doesn’t come in until we give up our attachment to it and begin serving the All, to make the New Earth a place for everyone.

The more that we give to help others, the more we bring in what we are creating. And it is being created outside of the old rules and systems. It is coming in as a new dynamic, and we will not be able to wrap our heads around this. Thus we have to start to allow it. We have to make space for the potential of it to arrive, thru the cosmic portal of our heart and solar centers.

I have been wanting to create commUNITY, yet haven’t known exactly how to do this in the New. But what I was just shown is it is forming around me in a remarkable and unexpected way. The people I am assisting and empowering to create what they want to create are now letting me know, thru their expanded/higher aspects, that they are supporting me in ways that I need in order to create my dream of commUNITY. There is not a way to describe this with the limits of our familiar language. What is happening is a melding of the multidimensional realms to create the New. What I have been dreaming about is being overlaid onto what I have, as a reflection of who I have become. So it is my new internal reality projecting onto my external reality, which re-forms.

To see it in action is astonishing. It is not following any of the old rules. It is happening outside of linearity. And those who are in lower frequencies are not able to see it yet, but they can feel it.

You will have this experience too. Continue clearing, continue dreaming, continue creating. Offer yourself in service to the All and see what appears. Whether you are holding space, sharing Love, downloading codes, challenging the old, creating the New, whatever you are doing becomes the medium for the magic to happen. There you are, being of service by sharing what you know and empowering others, when what you want to create presents itself. The experience is there for you to step into. We will move into these new realities as we are ready. The glimpses are the stage settings of our new play that we’re writing, directing and taking part in. Once we get a glimpse, we can add to our dream to expand it.

Many are opening to their telepathic abilities, they are doing work in their dreams, connecting to the crystalline consciousness, they are experiencing change. We can share with them what we know about what’s happening. For many, the biggest challenge is releasing the fear that has kept them in a limited perspective.

Continue to challenge this fear. It does release. And then you move into the freedom of the New. You move into leadership. You move into your power to create. And you start making magic. New Earth is all about freedom, happiness, peace, choice, wholeness, unity, and the ability to live in a new way. We shed the old to embody the new. This is what we came here to do. And this is what we’re doing now.

One thought on “A Glimpse of What’s Coming

  1. While reading and rereading this I had an Ah-hah (Awe-hah) moment! I now understand better the unsettling feelings of late. This information has helped me to attain a better perspective on the upcoming (soon-coming) adventures! Thank you Advanced Forerunner! !

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