Our Cosmos Is Singing

In the last few weeks the steady influx of energy has been moving us further into our truth and our power, further into recognition of who we are. The cosmos is singing a new song, elevating our frequency. We’re ready for this grand evolution.

A time of rapid change is here, and all the work we’ve done to clear has brought us to this passage. Notice the experience of things in new ways now, not easily explainable to those around us. Aligning with our truth and our power shifts us into new interactions and opportunities. We’re discovering as we go.

On this journey we have focused on loving our true Self into wholeness. While we are doing that, we can also begin to inspire and encourage others. We can make peace. We can co-create. These are all important parts of our new way of being, and we model this by simply being who we are.

As we incorporate our personal power, we magnetize others who soak all this newness into their own field of awareness. New perspectives become possible.

A friend texted me a couple nights ago to see if I would walk with her. It was very dark and we took flashlights. She said she needed to ask me something. She had read a novel that talked about a ghost, and it triggered so many questions for her. She fired them off. Where do people go when they die? How do we know they’re somewhere? If they’re there, why aren’t they giving us the answers to everything? How do we know there is a God? There were at least 20 rapid-fire questions and I saw she was starting to awaken. It seemed fitting that we were walking in the dark with just a flashlight.

I don’t have the answers to her questions. All I can do is share my own experience of how I came to find answers. Each of us will have our own personal experiences that lead us to truth, to our own knowing, and into our heart. We will feel the knowing within, and it will feel true.

About 18 years ago, when I was walking across the dune to the ocean one day, I encountered Jesus. I was raised without religion, but I knew and felt with every ounce of my being who he was. I saw him, I felt his energy. And he shared with me. When a being of energy shares, it often comes as a packet of information that then expands in your own being. He shared his history and how this history has been misrepresented. He came to the earth to show us what Love is, to be a living representation of Love. And then he let me know, Now you will do this, and many others too. We will share Love.

At first I didn’t know what to do with this information, but in the last couple of years as we transition into New Earth and our new selves, it is clear that Love is what makes this whole thing work. Being Love, doing Love, sharing Love, embodying this new frequency. We’re the conduits. We’re embracing the Christed/crystalline consciousness in order to anchor it here for everyone.

As I talked to my friend on our walk in the dark, she said she is so afraid. She is in her 50s, and she said she has never seen her world in such a state of being destroyed. Everything she cares about is changing.

Yes. This is one way to describe what’s happening. Our old world is going away so that we can live in our new world. Our new world is here, and we can move into it whenever we are ready. All we have to do is be Love. Embody Love. Share Love. We have to realize that fear is not our friend, and let it go. We have to stop choosing fear. We have to start choosing Love. It is a choice. And it’s up to us. At every moment, see which one you are choosing.

The poet Hafiz said, Fear is the cheapest room in the house, I’d like to see you in better living conditions.

This is one important way we use our power. We replace the old patterns by embracing the new consciousness and then sharing it with others.

Through the years Jesus has reappeared from time to time. A few nights ago, he appeared again and activated us, saying, it’s time to share Love. So begin to share in whatever way you are guided as we go forth into the new. Each of us gets to be the embodiment of Love. Each of us gets to share.

Yesterday, a friend said to me, I’ve been sharing love like you talked about, and it feels good. It feels like what I’m supposed to do.

Love is the way we change our world. Love is the way we move out of fear. Love is the way into peace, balance, harmony and connection. It’s the song the cosmos is singing to us.

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