Full-Circle Moments

We are experiencing exponential increases in the shift intensity now, and I don’t know about you, but I am having some beautiful but off-the-wall experiences and some amazing full-circle moments. I just talked to someone about how to tune in to her intuitive ability more, and I shared a story with her about how another person (I’ll call her Jody) had had an experience after she talked to me. Jody told me she had never encountered a ghost, yet all her friends had had some kind of ghostly encounter. What popped out of my mouth was, you’ll have something happen in 3 days. Three days later, Jody happened to pick up a book of ghost stories, and when she opened it, unbelievably there was a story about her father, who had died several years earlier, appearing as a ghost playing a piano in a bar! She was astonished, as she’d had no previous knowledge of this story.

This was the story I was guided to tell the first woman (I’ll call her Amy).

Just a couple of hours later, Amy met a man who knew her sister in high school. Sadly, her sister perished in a car accident not long after graduating. This man shared his memories of her sister, including that she played the flute, and Amy said it was a sweet, heartfelt conversation. Right after that Amy went to visit her mother, and her husband said, share the story of the fellow who knew your sister. When she mentioned the flute, her mother said, do you remember who her high school music teacher was?

It was the man who I had just told her about who turned up in the ghost story playing the piano! Amy and her husband stared at each other without saying a word. When Amy called to tell me, she was curious about how all of that happened so fast and was so interconnected. Talk about not even one degree of separation.

That is the world we are in now, the world of unity consciousness where everything is connected and we are seeing the connection. We are especially seeing our connection to what we call the other side. The veils are no longer there.

Codes from the sun

The same day, I got a text from someone wanting to know how to reconnect with me. He was disrespectful recently and I told him I would not be able to interact with him. Once we are respectful and loving to ourselves, we find we can no longer allow any other kind of treatment from other people. In his text he said he felt this was unfair and I was wrong. He said I was betraying our friendship. But my guidance is so clear in this situation: I have to honor myself. People who are not respecting themselves and consequently not respecting others are going to find that those who are loving and respecting themselves have moved on. So their choice is to do the work that we have all done in order to be able to shift dimensionally. He has to love himself so much that he no longer projects anger, shame, blame and guilt on his friends. Because this is his unowned shadow. And despite his intelligence, his friendly nature, and his generosity, unless he deals with this shadow of manipulation, self-betrayal, and abuse of power, it will continue to trip him up. This is how things are playing out now. We don’t know how all this will work until we experience it. But it feels like the train leaves the station and we leave parts of our old experience behind and move on to our next adventure. That’s what our Cosmic Rail Pass is making possible. And it’s happening fast. We simply won’t have the time or inclination to return to old scenarios. Because every day, every hour now we are in a new energetic environment, a new space that we are learning about by observing what’s going on within it. Things are changing at the speed of light that is pulsing out from the sun with new codes for all of us who are soaking it up and making it a part of who we are. We are moving into the light, not away from it, in a whole-heart-mind balanced-Self sovereign way.

In old 3D we felt we had to tolerate certain energies from “friends” and we didn’t really have a choice. But in the New Earth we do have a choice. We can choose to go in a different direction and do something that makes us happy. We don’t have to put up with those old tired worn-out bedraggled blankety-blank energies.

I was sharing this with another friend to get her feedback and she said we have to be clear with our boundaries. We can’t allow anyone to tell us how we deserve to be treated. We are the ones who decide. Talk about the Goddess energy emerging and making her powerful presence known! Yes, the Divine Feminine has arrived and she doesn’t take any c.r.a.p. She is speaking out and being heard.

Here’s what happened next. About 4 hours after getting that text, I’m back home, enjoying a peaceful evening, when I see a gargoyle fly by in my living room. It’s just a brief glimpse, but so clear. The first one I’ve ever seen. A few minutes later, I see another one. I never knew they were real, and I always thought they were a little creepy. But their energy as they flew by felt awesomely beautiful. They were majestic in expressing their power. And I realized, like so many other things, we have been misled about them. And I had just read, a couple of days before, that gargoyles are our angelic warrior energy, here to protect humanity and to clear the betrayal of humanity.

I immediately thought of the person who had texted me about betraying our friendship. No one else can betray us, we can only betray our Self. So the gargoyles showing up told me I’ve cleared this pattern of betrayal. Our evolution is happening so quickly now. We are being supported in a multitude of ways. We are the ones doing this, and these are all aspects of us being expressed in the field of divine, unified consciousness.

Let me know what you’re experiencing. I enjoy hearing your comments, even if I don’t always get to answer them. Know that I am caring about you and happy to be connected to you in the unified field as we grow our cosmic presence and get this thing done, this great big human consciousness shift into a new way of being and relating and connecting. What a big, beautiful, crazy experience this is. I’m so glad you’re on the train with your own Cosmic Rail Pass.

2 thoughts on “Full-Circle Moments

  1. Beautiful…. we should never be afraid to love ourselves and stand firm in that God/Goddess within Love. We change the world first by loving ourselves then all others comes easy.
    Blessings Gayle

  2. I needed to read this today. I feel so much strength and peace with your words. Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to being able to meet with you for another session.
    Thank you,

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