Alchemizing the Old to Create the New

When we reach a certain light quotient, it becomes evident that the light that we emit impacts others and changes them. In the last week I am noticing this more than ever. We used to want to convince others of our beliefs. But that’s no longer necessary. As we share our new Self, the light/structural framework of this Self is received and internalized by others as information that they need. As their own hearts are opening, they know they are in need of this new information. And we’re just being our new sovereign Self. It’s effortless on our part.

As an example, there is a woman I sometimes run into on my walks and once in a while she and I walk together. This week I ran into her adult son, who said, “Wow, my mother has become so positive and she’s always quoting you and talking about love now.” He said it makes him happy. The fact is, I don’t say that much about Love, but I increasingly embody it as who I am. As we embody Love, that is the energy we emit. And that is the energy those around us sense, feel, hear, and absorb. Change becomes effortless. Not everyone is ready to embrace Love, but there are more ready all the time. We’re being our Selves so that others can become who they are, too.

This is happening now because we have embodied the higher aspects of Self: the crystalline consciousness and the divine beingness. This embodiment creates a growing sense of happiness. Worry is lifted. We’re at peace. All is well. We can still drop back into clearing as needed, but overall we are noticing a more uplifted and aware state. We have married the higher cosmic Self and the physical Earth self. We’ve embodied this blended union.

And we are changing enough that we can see the impact on the reality around us. Not only are we able to perceive a different reality, but we can see that the 3D people around us are able to see a different reality as well. This is huge. They are moving into this new space that we have created. We are the portals into the new.

We are allowing our vulnerability to show. This is not neediness or an inability to be whole. And it’s not weakness. It’s our willingness to be open to heart-centered connection. We’re like the male bird showing brilliant plumage to the female, except we have integrated our male/female aspects in order to display our own colors. These are the colors of the New Earth inhabitant who lives in unity, who is co-creative, and who embraces their divine power and authenticity as a sovereign being. This is a beautiful sight to behold. And as we display these colors, we attract all those who are feeling the stirrings of New Earth life within them.

My pendulum changed direction.

This past week, my pendulum changed direction again. It used to circle clockwise for yes (and the opposite for no), but in 2012 as we were ushered in by the Guardians to begin creating our new world, my pendulum began going back and forth for yes and back and forth the other way for no. Other people had their pendulums shift direction at that time, too. Now on April 4th, it began to circle counterclockwise for yes. The night before this I got a message that the old world is gone and the new is here. This reminder is a signal to us to make sure we are operating from the new and in the new. Even if people we know are talking business as usual, it is important for us to not spend our time and energy with that. All week we have been anchoring big-time energies into our systems and into the Earth. Some of us were feeling this in our solar/plexus/Solar Center as we anchored the intense light of our new space. Great inner harmony is being created, harmony that will radiate out into our surroundings. We are the Force establishing and creating the New. And we are now living in this new space.

Synchronicity has been incredibly amplified. The universe is speaking directly to us in these expansive, transformational energies. The other day I ran to the store to get a few groceries, and when I got back in the car, I mused (to myself), “Shall I go home or stop and get coffee at By the Way?” I started the car, the radio came on, and the announcer said, “By the way…” There was a long pause before she finished her sentence. These kinds of crazy things are happening a lot now.

We are having opportunities to clear our old patterns. We are also now seeing the old world shift into something new as we do that clearing. I got a text message from someone not long ago asking me something, and it wasn’t respectful. It brought up a very old pattern that I thought was done, but I looked at it again. Over the next three hours, I allowed that energy to clear from my system while I went on with my day. I consciously chose to support myself in my new reality. Then when I went back to look at the text to answer it, the tone had changed, the words had changed to reflect my new reality. The disrespect was gone! This is what we will discover with everything, that as we shift our own internal programs, our external world will become new. This is one of the ways that we are creating. We shift our realities by shifting ourselves. We become new and the world around us reflects that newness. We’re alchemists.

I’ll close with a journey to create unity consciousness. Close your eyes, then move your awareness into your heart center. Breathe into this space and see yourself centered there. Then expand your heart center out as far as it wants to go to create your heart field. The heart field is our New Earth. Now feel yourself linking up to unity consciousness. Use your intention to create that. Feel this unity consciousness in your heart field. Feel it in your whole being. Send it out to everyone around you. When you’re ready, come back. Know that you’ve just created more unity in your field. You can do this whenever you want.

Thank you all for everything that you do to create our New Earth. We’re doing it together, and every day it’s bigger and more beautiful. Much of this transformation happens because we show up. So keep showing up, and keep displaying your bright, bold new feathers for everyone to see.

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