This Energy Means Business

I was awakened at 4 am by a big heart opening that radiated out with massive tingles from my heart center. And here is what I felt: this energy means business. We’re not in the old world anymore. We really must leave it behind. And we do that by not agreeing to play by its rules anymore. The way we create the New Earth is by changing how we do things.

Many are still using the old rules, and when we encounter the old it’s important to make a choice about that. Do you want to go along with those rules, or do you want to change them? When we go along with them, we agree to the status quo.

Our New Earth is taking shape.

In the New Earth we begin creating differently. We begin creating with our power, our energy and our intentions. We begin creating over the top of what was in the old world.

Not long ago, someone I know shared with me that she had a memory of a time before she was born. She was with a being of light, who pointed to the Earth in the distance and said, that’s where you’re going. Many people have had some kind of experience with the world of energy that shows them there’s more to what we know than what we were taught.

Imagine if everyone remembered where they came from. Imagine if everyone remembered they were on a mission. Some of us do. It’s the remembering that triggers action now. We want to create our home again.

The frog back in her green world.

Things are coming undone right now. I just returned from a trip to the recycling center to drop off my recyclables. When I got home, I found a little tree frog in the back of my car with the empty bags. I am sure she was wondering where the heck she was and where her beautiful green garden was. You may find yourself wondering the same thing. Lately, the outside world feels inhospitable. Drivers are being aggressive and discourteous. People are ignoring commonsense rules. There’s a feeling of disrespect. The evolutionary pressure on everyone is intense and some are not handling this well.

So what is your guidance telling you? How are you evolving right now? What openings are you noticing?

I am feeling guided to create more community. I gave a talk to a small local group on Friday to share my experiences with energy, and to share stories that I’ve heard from others that show there is more to the world than we thought. A few years ago, my aunt shared such a story with me. She was driving with her 3-year-old granddaughter when the little girl began to sing a song. No one had sung the song to her, and my aunt asked her how she learned it. It was a song her other grandmother, who died before she was born, used to sing. “My other grandma taught it to me before I was born,” this little girl said matter-of-factly.

I felt the synchronicity the moment my clock radio came on.

What I am discovering in my own life is so much synchronicity. I was invited to give a talk to the local community. I went to the committee meeting to share the idea of talking about “energy” with the committee members, not knowing how they’d react. The meeting was at 9 am, and I set my clock radio for 7. The radio came on with a very cheery “Good morning, Grass Valley!” And I heard the weather report for that small California town. Every part of my being knew something was up at that moment, because I keep my radio on my local station hundreds of miles from Grass Valley. How did that little station come thru? I went to the meeting, and there was a new woman there, someone I’d never seen. She introduced herself and said she was from Grass Valley. She had just moved to our community. I wondered if she knew a close friend of mine who lives in Nevada City, an adjacent town. I presented my idea, and this committee wasn’t sold on it, but this new person said, “Are you a writer? Do you have a book?” I told her I had written two, and she asked me to write down my name and the titles. I handed the note to her. She stared at it and then said, “Do you have a friend in Nevada City?” This woman had gone into a store to make a purchase, and my friend, when she found out she was moving here, wrote my name on the back of her receipt and told her to look me up. “But I didn’t even have a phone number. I didn’t know how to find you.” She then said she wanted to sponsor my talk, that she couldn’t wait to hear it. At that point we both stood up and left the meeting and went to make our plan. We no longer needed the committee support.

These are the kinds of things happening now. We’re being put in touch with new people who are like-minded. Our community is beginning to show up. Our years of hard work are having an impact. We’re seeing the dawn of a New Earth and a new way of being. We have to walk away from the old, we have to allow it to come apart with all of its judgment, control, fear, anger and disrespect. We have to put our energy into supporting our own dreams.

We are steadily evolving into something new. As we evolve, we put more of our creations into place over the old, by visualizing from our heart the things we want to create that benefit everyone: peace, harmony, love, heart-based connection, sovereignty, respect. We are building a very new home for our dreams, a very new space for our creations.

2 thoughts on “This Energy Means Business

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TERRY!!!!! Can’t wait to share this its so important now and for the future.

  2. Terry, I operate in the political domain, and your description is accurate there, too. I find people who feel threatened and respond with aggressive hostility. But I find many, many more who respond with welcome and warmth to the proposal of treating EVERYONE with love. No demonizing anyone, including those with different beliefs.

    Instead, our job is to do good and be good, to everyone and for everyone.

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