Redemption Song

Years ago I was shown that I was to go out out on the energetic fringes of my familiar physical world, and use a spiritual machete to clear a path in the realm of energy. I followed my guidance because I knew it was important. Gradually it became clear that I was creating an actual path into a new way of being, and these are the paths we use to move into the New. Many are doing this, and we make pathways that take us into a new way of being, into our New Earth.

The path I have been working to clear recently is fear. We have all had to contend with so much fear in the 3D realm and it is disempowering for all. I have worked to clear my own fear in order to make a path so that releasing fear is easier. Yesterday I was given a message that the path has been cleared. I’ll be working on something else now, but for all who are still clearing fear, know that the path is open to use.

The message coming thru Sunday was “redemption song,” so I listened to Bob Marley sing this on YouTube. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery/None but ourselves can free our minds… Won’t you help to sing/These songs of freedom?/Redemption songs.” Redemption means the act of saving or being saved from error, and the action of regaining what was lost.

After all the work we have done, all of us, all over the planet, it is time for redemption as we move into the new. We do not want to hang out in the beliefs and limitations of the old ways of thinking that kept us small, that kept us from our magnificence. It is time now to move into shining our light so brightly that it can be seen even from space.

Let us shine our lights together. Let us bring redemption to all. Let us anchor the new and rise up with song. Songs of redemption, songs of peace, songs of Love, songs of power.

We were moving thru stargates this past week into new territory both within and without. Sunday there were miracles of peace and reconnection. I ran into an old acquaintance, someone who had fallen out of my life and moved away, and she said, “I’ve been hearing about what you’ve been doing to heal this community and I’m so happy.” We had an experience of old ruptures being repaired, old judgments being released, and all being rewoven into the new rainbow fabric of the New Earth, and it feels beyond our ability to understand it at times. Sometimes all we can do is witness and be in gratitude that this is happening. And yet we know, also, that we are creating this with every action that we make that is focused on the new. Even every quiet, solitary action.

Flowers on our table at the coffee shop.

My intention now is to created heart-centered community, even if I don’t know how this will be accomplished. I continue to ask to be guided, but it is also our intention that takes us where we want to go. And we are often surprised by the results, just as I was yesterday when I experienced a heart-based connection. I had another one Friday, when I had coffee with a friend, and a woman at the next table finally asked if she could join us and share her experience with being launched into the world of energy three years ago and relocated to this area. We will find that we are linking up with others, both new and known.

Yesterday morning I asked for a message from someone, and 10 minutes later a text message arrived, and photos, and all was well. At the very moment the message arrived, I was looking at a sign that I happened upon on the Internet that read, Trust the Plan.

Yes, all is well, even if we fall briefly into doubt or worry during the void spaces that we move thru as we ascend into higher resonance. Sometimes it takes a while for our physical body with its thoughts and emotions to catch up to the leaps of our spiritual growth. But we can trust the plan.

We are growing, we are leaping, we are bounding, we are lighting up the planet with our brightness. Day by day that brightness is growing and it can no longer be ignored. We are creating peace thru our actions and intentions. We are holding harmony and balance. We are sharing Love. We are establishing the New Earth, just like we came here to do, in all its wonder and beauty and interconnection.

Do not give up in the moments of challenge. Do not lose faith if you still see pockets of darkness. Keep singing your songs of freedom. We are creating redemption, reclaiming possession of what was lost. This is our power. This is our song. This is us shining our light into the old to create the new. It is so amazing to witness.

3 thoughts on “Redemption Song

  1. Thank you Terry, I needed this as I’m going through a time of giving up some of the old energy from close friends and it is not easy. I’m letting Spirit direct me and make the way easy and graceful for all.
    Thank you

  2. thank you, Terry…i’m experiencing deep depression and darkness and lack of connection or feeling I belong here, yet i live in a garden of beauty that i created, so it’s all rather confusing and challenging at the moment. I am relying on my Spirit to see me through….
    Will join at 6…in prayer and offering.

    thank you. Su

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