All New Realities

All NEW Realities are AVAILABLE for all who are truly ready for this!—Lisa Transcendence Brown,

As I sat down to write a post about our current choice point, I saw the above message that Lisa just posted on her Facebook page. I have been feeling this so strongly.

We’re at a choice point and more than ever it is important to choose what is supportive of our Self. In the old world, with its battened-down limitations, we often didn’t get to make choices that made us happy. We learned to accept limitation. But in the new world, the limitations are no longer there, unless you are still holding onto them.

As an example, this morning someone called me to ask what to do about an environmental organization that she volunteers for. It seems to have gone off track from its original goal of protecting the local environment. This is the kind of thing we are all going to be facing—how do we reinvent the things we care about for the New Earth?

We all have to choose to be in the New Earth, and we all have to choose to act in new ways. We also have to choose to no longer cooperate with the old ways or to do something in the old ways just because it was always done like that. Each one of us can now have an impact, helping to reinvent the world that is right around us. What are your ideas? Tune into the knowing parts of you, your highest aspects, to see what is needed. Begin to share what you know. Plant seeds.

In the royal wedding that was held this weekend, the American bishop talked passionately and powerfully about the importance of love and how it is the only way we are going to create a New Earth. He planted seeds in the souls of every person who was tuned in, and estimates are that 2 billion people watched worldwide. We needed a huge audience, because we are on the brink of enormous change that is impacting everyone on the planet. Our lives are changing big-time because of us!

It is time for each of us to speak up, to share what we know and believe, to be part of creating the new. Each of us will see the stiff upper lips soften into smiles, just like at the wedding. The time we have been waiting for for so long is here, and now all we have to do is act. Create what we want to see. Stop believing in the old, because it is done. And use your inherent power to make something new, based on LOVE.

The smallest act can make a difference. I just read about a woman who found a wingless bee and made a home in her garden for it with bee-friendly flowers. The bee became a happy resident. Every person can do something that honors the Self and the Earth and that is an act of LOVE. Each small act of LOVE lights up the new heart of the planet as we move into unity.

On my walk a few days ago, the Divine Mother appeared and showered me with what seemed like gold dust. I started to feel happy. She said, how happy do you want to be? The answer seemed like a no-brainer, but I saw that we limit our own happiness. I began to surrender to feeling happy and that happiness lasted for several hours. How happy do you want to be?

Someone asked an important question on my last post, and I wanted to address it. She asked if “anyone else had felt an almost obsessive need to declutter… to especially get rid of books, etc. that contain old beliefs so as to have a clean slate for the New.” (Thank you, Lucretia!) Yes, this is part of our evolution, clearing out the past. I gave away most of my books a few years ago and have cleared out anything that no longer feels like it resonates with who I am NOW. And this month I am doing that again, because our evolution is ongoing. As we ascend and embody the new energy and anchor it here for all, we find that we are no longer a match for the old energies. They are tired, they are limiting, and once we taste freedom we no longer want to be weighted down. We want to be free to fly!

We only discover what these new energies bring when we wander in to see what they hold. We clear the old boundaries, we create our new spaces. We taste the resonance of living in peace and harmony and heart-centered relationship. This is a very new time, and we are the ones who are bringing it into being. What do you want to create? Are you ready for LOVE? All of our hearts are lit up with the potential for New Earth, right now. Just watch us SHIFT and create the NEW!

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