Embodying the New Frequencies

As we clear out our old programming from within us, we clear it from the entire grid. This is how we are building a new grid to form the New Earth. Each of us is taking part. And with every bit that we clear we ascend into a clearer frequency with more freedom, more awareness and greater memory of the whole.

We are like trees reaching for the sky, and then we discover that all is within, and we are whole.

We move into more sparkle. Ten years ago, I kept hearing the message, make everything sparkle. As we begin to sparkle, we impact others in uplifting, inspirational ways.

Today, Sunday, I am feeling so much of the old collapsing. My first clue was when I went to get an iced mocha at my favorite place. The very consistent person who makes it forgot to put in the shot of espresso. I didn’t notice till I got home that what I had was chocolate milk. We know the old has to fall apart. But it’s not the easiest thing to experience when we want our simple pleasures.

Another person chose to tell a harmless white lie about something. I hadn’t even asked this person anything, and I didn’t know it was a white lie, until 30 seconds later the energies made him say the truth. Because that is what is happening now. Non-truth is no longer tolerated. We do not need to be invested in what other people feel they need to do or say, we can just observe. As the observer we notice what the energies are requiring of us all, which is truth and alignment.

We are being asked to unlock our hearts, to open our hearts, to begin to live our authenticity and embrace our sovereignty. Those who are not doing this are going to be projecting out their unhappiness with many things. They are going to be sharing their victimhood and powerlessness for all to see. And this is just not interesting anymore. We are going to find that we don’t even want to interact with folks who are hanging out in their lack of power. It is not becoming. And it’s definitely not interesting or worth our time. And there are some bright, good people who are stuck in the old, afraid to challenge it, afraid to consider that perhaps something worthwhile might be beyond it.

What Adyashanti said about the current energies is so true: This energy doesn’t care what your plan is if you are not in alignment, it’s going to go right over the top of you, taking out whatever needs to go.

We are shining our light.

This is why we want to be in alignment. We want to be aligned with our Soul and our truth. And we want to be anchoring and sharing that Light with everyone, by just being our Selves.

This morning I heard, I can’t save the world, but I can save the world. It was a paradox full of truth. What was being shared with me (by my higher aspects) was that we can’t try to save each person who we see floundering, as much as we might want to, but we can redirect that energy to create a whole New Earth. It’s important to use our energy and our power wisely.

We are losing our ability to communicate with those who are exemplifying the old ways. The more that we move into the new, the more that the new becomes our base and becomes who we are, the less we will be able to physically explain ourselves in a way that makes sense to those still in the 3D realm.

We have now been called to be in the New and to make it our home. That’s why we moved into crystalline consciousness, so that we can experience heart-centered everything.

We are in the midst of unleashing our creative potential. This is the potential to change our own lives and to change the lives of everyone on the planet. We change our own lives by releasing the subtle and not so subtle blocks to abundance, joy, happiness, peace and Love. These can all be challenging to embrace, and perhaps the two most challenging are Love and abundance.

Because our current world is structured around money, many feel they do not have enough. And those with enough, always feel like they need more. As we open to Love, as we open to receiving, as we open to giving, we discover we are in the field of abundance. In the field of abundance, what we need comes to us, because we are creating that.

Each of us is a creative force. We free up our oomph that was suppressed and went inward. We surrender to the process so that we can bloom. We transform our physical bodies and send the false timelines of disease and deterioration packing. We take ourselves off the linear timeline so that we are no longer aging. We embody our divinity so that we are no longer hiding our power. We own who we are and what we can do. We become Love, and the wisdom of our Soul begins to inform us.

We move out as solar-powered beings of light who embody the frequency of the new to the extent that the new is all we create. This is where we are arriving now, washed to these new shores by the powerful waves of light that have swept over us for the last few months, smoothing our rough edges.

Anyone want to open a New Earth Cafe here? I’d like an iced mocha.

4 thoughts on “Embodying the New Frequencies

  1. Powerful as always. Thanks for being the beacon that you are!!

    LOL. I just got “told” by your server/program/whatever that I’m posting my comment too quickly and must “slow down”…. don’t wanna slow down!! It’s all just little hurdles, isn’t it. Ones that we can leap right over!

  2. Here’s to all of us being caffeinated & connected!!! 😉 Loooove the New Cafe and iced mocha analogy!

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