Using Our Magic –> Imagination

As kids we readily imagined worlds into being, worlds that made us happy, where we spent hours playing. Think back to the worlds you concocted then, lands beyond time, fanciful kingdoms, wild spaces, wide-open places where you could be YOU to your heart’s content. We’re calling on these skills again as we create New Earth. In the midst of these massive energy influxes, we’re learning how to dream our new worlds into being, our new unified communities and cozy homesteads, our new peaceful places and co-creative environments, spaces that make us happy. We are the empowered creators of a whole new gig. And it’s happening now.

Butterfly in the clouds

Caterpillars, when they are ready to evolve, create a cocoon, turn into goop, and re-imagine themselves into butterflies using what science calls their imaginal cells. They dream into being something completely new. That’s what we’re doing now, using our tools, our power, our magic and our own imaginal cells to become new. I wrote this paragraph last night, and this afternoon when I drew a card from a new divination deck, it was a butterfly. Everything aligns.

Magic sources back to the word for power, and imagination comes from the same root. Imagination is magical and powerful. Within us we have the power to evolve and change into someone new, our cosmic Self. Just like the caterpillar has the power to grow wings and fly away into new adventures beyond what it might have thought possible when it was crawling on the ground with all of its legs.

Yet here we are with no How-To. How do we do this? If we create the new world with our old world techniques, we just get more of what we had. We have to move beyond that. This is why we are being transformed. Once we are new, the way we create is new. We’re creating our new time with our new Selves and new ways of thinking and seeing.

Within our own DNA are the transformative abilities, currently being triggered by the waves of light coming to the planet, that we need to evolve. Within us is the magic. Like the caterpillar, we have the imaginal cells.

But we’re not just re-imagining ourselves, we’re re-imagining our whole world. By opening our hearts, we’re choosing to bring peace and harmony and Love to the planet. We’re choosing to extract ourselves from the old matrix so that we can experience freedom and happiness in the land beyond time, money, limitation, pain, fear, hardship, judgment, and lack of awareness. We’re creating a multidimensional human, just by freeing ourselves from the old patterns and choosing to be new. But remember, these are choices we are making all day, as we release the toxic past with its chemicals and pollution and problems, and choose something far simpler and natural and supportive of health and happiness for all. We’re making choices that support us, that support our families, that support life in general.

By doing this we evolve beyond the dense, lesser energies of control. We evolve into the freedom of divine creatorship. We accept responsibility for this.

Our New Earth starts inside of us as we clear our physical and emotional and mental bodies. We learn to Love ourselves, and then we share that Love with all. As we do that, we begin to notice our new worlds forming around us with other people supporting us and joining in our joy. We notice that what we think about happens. We begin co-creating, inviting others into the process. More and more people are ready for this.

In the wake of all the new light we are receiving, you may find yourself more drawn to eating light-filled foods that match your own high frequency. At times we’re called to eat dense foods, and at other times, vibrant veggies and fruits filled with sunlight. We’re drawn to drink water that is alive and not laden with chemicals. We shift into living in New Earth ways, and we honor and respect ourselves and all creatures.

The old world continues to fall away. One way this happens is you discover you no longer enjoy something you used to enjoy, like going to a movie. Instead you go for a walk and watch the clouds in the sky, or the birds flitting in the trees.

You notice the synchronicities. As we come into alignment, synchronicity becomes the norm. We observe. A friend of mine has begun to see my private psychic experiences and asked me what one of them meant. And how she described it showed me how much she is awakening to what is taking place. The awakening is taking hold of all of us.

There is much magic taking place. We can surrender and allow. We can open and receive. We can ask to be shown. We can know that all is well. We are moving very quickly into something very new, and we can prepare ourselves by releasing our resistance and control and expressing that we are ready.

Let’s create our lands beyond time. Let’s release all the unworkability of the old. Are you ready?

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