Getting Our Glow On

It’s been an intense and interesting evolutionary week as we continue to create our new spaces around us. This week I was given a picture of what going into the old world, the 3D world, feels like now. If you’ve ever traveled by train, there’s a moment when you pass between two train cars, that you notice the two cars are shaking and moving differently as you step across into the other car. Very recently, going out into 3D to do my errands and shopping has felt like this, as if I am crossing a very rattly juncture with a leap of faith. As if I’m trusting that all the connections are secure for my required foray. Our old collapsing world is definitely no longer in alignment with us and our new creations. And fortunately we are actively creating NEW all around us, new businesses, new systems, a whole New Earth.

The intense energy flows continue and overall it feels like we are doing better with these. We’re integrating and adapting. But one recent day as I headed out for coffee at a nearby place, I was hit with such a strong influx that I just U-turned and came home. Sometimes our inner guidance is that we don’t want to be out and about when things are so intense.

Feeling the magic

In this process of ascending to higher frequencies and embodying our soul, our truth, our essence, we pull our new experiences into our realm, and you may be noticing you are having some high-vibe happenings, where you can just feel that things are different, that new things are taking place. You can feel it in you and around you, as if you’re in a swirl of magical cosmic particles, and magic starts happening, things you hadn’t anticipated but that make you feel happy. And in that experience you are guided to just go with the flow to see what takes place. And then you feel like, what kind of amazingness was that? And how do I get more? These are our creational abilities in action, and as we see and experience them then we get a feel for this process and we want to create more of it. Keep clearing anything old, especially the fear and anger that have compromised so many, so that you can step into the magical New Earth that is just waiting for you to take up residence. That you yourself are making in you and all around you.

We will see parts of the old world fall away, and don’t try to hold onto them when that happens. Just let them go. And remember that everyone is doing this at their own speed.

Cloud hearts

Along with this comes a feeling of separation from the old. The old is still there, but you might feel like you’re not a part of it in the same way that you used to be. As we call on our ability to create, we create as we go. This is what it is like in our new spaces as we expand them and picture/create what we need, as we each create/imagine the world we want to be in by asking for it, dreaming of it, and being it. We call it in with everything we do, which is why we have spent all this time becoming NEW. Minute by minute we are synching up with the new energies, aligning our heart and soul with them. It is our own willingness to be new that changes us, so that we can shift our cells moment by moment, aligning our all with the All. We’re bringing our new mind into this scenario now, thinking in new ways, as we learn to follow the guidance of our heart.

Notice your ability to be NEW in every moment and release doing things in the same old routine ways. Ask yourself, what are my options in this moment? What can I do NOW that I couldn’t do before? What makes me happy?

And since we are creating everything, we no longer have to orchestrate it as in the past. We release the fear that kept us needing to stay in charge, and we surrender to just being our big new beautiful Selves.

We’re going thru reset after reset as our resonance increases. And each reset puts us in a new space, as we move beyond limitations of the past.

Flying high

We are showing up in new ways and we will find that as we talk to people we are now sharing with them from our new frequency. This means our new ideas and concepts and worldviews are emerging. This can bring moments of surprise at what you just told someone. Our massive cellular shift means a new heart, a new mind, and new action.

We may look at ourselves and think we look the same, but if we feel who we are, that person is definitely shifting. If you’re not quite there yet, say to yourself, I am ready to release the old patterns that caused suffering. I am ready to be my new Self so that I can create my new world.

We are moving into a brand new space where we have never been before. Everything that we learn we will be sharing with others as they are ready.

Inside, we are bubbling into newness. Sometimes the tingling is so tingly, the magic is so magical, the beauty is so beautiful. It wows us.

Our creative ability is there when we are ready to believe it and access it. It is within. Our inherent powers are waiting to be utilized for creating our new world. And all of this keeps growing and expanding.

Our whole new creative color palette

Someone this past week shared with me she had an experience with creating, and she felt it as it was happening. She could feel that something was different, she could see the results happening in the moment, and she didn’t try to change them or control them. She just observed that she was creating in a new way. The experience of creating is ready to be experienced by all. And eventually it becomes who we ARE.

We are in the midst of becoming NEW, and even though we’ve never done this before, we’re discovering that we can do it. Congratulations all! Keep up the great work! We’re definitely getting our glow on.

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