The Disconnect and Reconnecting

Yesterday during a meditation I was taken to progressively higher and higher dimensions—thru sound—until I reached the God/Source center. And then I was shown how we begin there and we expand out living in that God/Source circle. But we dropped out when we came to the Earth this time, and a part of us went out into the Earth dimension of 3D. This created polarity. We have been in that space for quite some time, many of us feeling like we didn’t fit or belong there.  Continue reading

We Are the Gateway

Oh, the journey, it just goes on and on. Friday night was another sleepless one where I was flip-flopping around for hours feeling way too warm even tho the house was cool. We are processing such intense energy as the cosmos is converting us to the newest model of star-infused human. Friday night I was seeing the waves of light and color that have brought us our information for decades. We’re beginning to understand how much we have been influenced by this cosmic-level knowing. It has come into our core, influencing and guiding us on this earthly adventure. The inklings, the twinklings and the knowings have nudged and prompted us, given us visionary experiences and reminded us that we are here for more than we thought. Continue reading