The Restoration of Love

We have been experiencing opening to Love, filling with Love, and anchoring Love on the planet, but a few days ago I had a spontaneous and unexpected new experience. This time it went well beyond just the energy of Love coming thru. It was powerful, it was palpable, it was transformative. In the midst of this energy and the gold light that illuminated it was something I have never felt before. It was holy. Continue reading

December Portal and the Secret Chamber of the Heart

We are entering a new way of being and connecting. It’s been showing up as occasional days here and there to give us a taste of what is coming when we move fully into it. These glimpses feel dimensionally expanded, clear and in focus, very calm and peaceful, and infused with heartfelt connection. In the last couple of weeks I’ve experienced two of these dimensionally expanded days and they are remarkable. Each time, I’ve known I was in a new space, but not sure how I got there. Continue reading

Using Our Power to Create

Many in the U.S. have experienced a major shock this month and everyone is dealing with it in their own way. The evening of the election, before the results were in, I received a clear message, that it didn’t matter who won because the plan was in place and in play. It allowed me to take a step back and remind myself of the work we are doing to create something new. All of this work is coming to fruition, and the old is coming to a close. While we don’t know exactly how that will look, it is important for each of us to focus on the new earth we are creating, so that it can continue to take shape around us. We are going to see many changes taking place as the old world comes apart, but we are also going to be amazed at what we are able to create. Continue reading

Coming into Bloom

For most of October we’ve been experiencing upgrades and restructuring of our physical body that has made it a challenge to do things (like write), but this morning there was a beautiful shift. Phenomenal energy was coming in to activate, enlighten and energize the new template that has been created over the last months that moves our physical body from 3D functioning to a higher level. Continue reading

Embracing the Magic

On July 30 I saw something new, a glowing golden corridor leading us out of 3D containment. We are in this corridor already, and it will help people release ideas that they learned about the way things are in 3D, because these ideas won’t be valid anymore. This corridor expands as we move into and it becomes our new environment, our spacious, supportive new reality. Continue reading

Our New Multidimensional Selves

We are experiencing a cycle of change such as we have never seen. When we look at it thru the eyes of current events, it looks like turmoil and chaos. But if we step back and look from the deep knowing within our heart, we can see it is a cosmic unfolding, long in the making, where we—each and every one of us—are embracing our stellar origin in a brand new format. Continue reading

Our New Hearts

We are in the midst of so much change, shifting into new spaces every few days, and each time we do this we have less connection to the old spaces that used to be our lives. The familiar patterns of our old lives are becoming a distant memory, and those of us who have been at this for a while may find we almost don’t recognize the person we used to be. We continue to welcome more of our higher aspects into our physicality. We begin to realize these higher aspects are who we are. It is so much easier to be them than who we were. We are settling into this new territory that is filled with creative potential, where we can experience the opportunity to live in a new way. Continue reading