Leaving 3D/ Living Big

Some of us have been on this ascension path for years, clearing old density and reconnecting with the truth of who we are. In that process we have been consciously making pathways for others to follow. Lately I am hearing from people newer to the experience. They’re just starting to clear in order to live beyond the limitations of the 3D world. They sense what they need to do, and they’re wondering about how. Leaving 3D is about living bigger than we’ve ever done. Continue reading

The Morning News: LOVE

Very recently we anchored into a new space, where the ley lines of the earth—its energy meridians—were synchronized with our own new energy systems, and this was all synchronized with the cosmic plan for moving us into higher awareness and heart-centered living. This is another leap, but we are leaping almost daily now as we open new spaces and move into them with our ever-evolving inner knowing. Continue reading

Cosmic Heart

The heart is our sun. The energies now streaming from the sun to our planet are lighting up and lightening up our heart, the center of our personal cosmos. We are moving from a mind-centered orientation to an awareness that is heart-centered. All the cells of our being are beginning to rotate around the heart, releasing us from third-dimensionality. Continue reading