How We Manifest

Someone I know recently had a manifestation experience. She’s always said, there’s nothing she needs, so she doesn’t know what to ask for. But on this day, she needed a glue stick to make Valentine’s cards. She drove to her small, newly opened market and looked through the whole store. No office supplies of any kind. Next she asked the man working the cash register. He said, no, we don’t carry them. Then she looked down, and right on a small shelf below where she was standing was a box of glue sticks. Continue reading

Embracing the Magic

On July 30 I saw something new, a glowing golden corridor leading us out of 3D containment. We are in this corridor already, and it will help people release ideas that they learned about the way things are in 3D, because these ideas won’t be valid anymore. This corridor expands as we move into and it becomes our new environment, our spacious, supportive new reality. Continue reading

Shifting Timelines and New Surroundings

We are on the long journey back to who we are and where we come from and over the last few days, we have transitioned yet again out of the familiarity of old surroundings into something very different. It’s as different as we can handle until we get used to what it’s like, and then it changes again. Continue reading

Conscious Creation

When I first began to see the New Earth a few years ago, it was located a few feet above the Earth we live on. It was a new and beautiful version of the planet floating just above the ground, waiting in its etheric form to be anchored. Now after a long process, it’s here, solidly in place, and everyone who is choosing to be a part of it is having that opportunity. Continue reading