Queztalcoatl Dreams

Right now, we are awakening to our true nature. We are connecting to the mystery held deep within and discovering the dormant power we have never used. The seeds were planted long ago. Our destiny is here.

       Aurora stared at the letter she had just received. It was written in Spanish, but she translated it without thought. The truth of the words went straight to her heart, like an arrow shot from an ancient bow that had squarely hit its mark. A shiver ran completely through her as she realized who had written it.

       His name was Francisco Ix. Don Francisco, he was called. She had met him years ago in the small city of Taxco. He was a stranger, but he said he had been waiting for her. She had no idea what to think. Her experience at that time with the world of shamans was limited. But she had dreamed about a pair of silver earrings in Taxco, and he knew about the dream; indeed, he had dreamed it too.

       She moved to the open window, where a slight breeze played in the jasmine, and inhaled deeply of its calming fragrance. “Our destiny is here,” she murmured, touching a white blossom. She had anticipated this moment; she had known it would come. Pulling herself back to the present, she returned to the letter that seemed to have floated into her hand a moment ago.

       No one knows how the awakening will manifest. We have the indications, but not the answers. This is the time to begin to share what we have never said. We can no longer live in the land of our ancestors. The transition is before us, and we are sailing into it in this ship we all share, the beautiful planet we call home.

       Looking out over the placid, aquamarine water of the swimming pool, she felt a wave of excitement move through her. Her destiny—indeed the destiny of everyone on the earth—hung in the balance. She had prepared as much as she could. There were still things to do, but perhaps her list would never be completed. It was time to honor her future by readying herself for change. She plucked a solitary jasmine flower. As she dropped it into a small bowl of water on her desk, she heard a splash in the pool.

        Steven’s dive sloshed water on the concrete walkway. As he swam the length of the pool underwater, Aurora felt a tinge of trepidation. Their world, like the tranquil surface of the pool, was about to be disrupted in ways that no one fully understood.

       But it was the last line of the letter that surprised Aurora the most. I am coming to talk to you about an important matter. As she placed the letter in her desk drawer for safekeeping, she wondered when he would arrive. He didn’t say. As a shaman, don Francisco lived outside the structure of traditional time. He came and went according to the unseen turnings of the great mystery.

       His timing, however, was impeccable. The new session of the Ancient Wisdom School, which Aurora had founded several years earlier, was beginning this morning.