The Equinox Gateway

The fall Equinox was a powerful gateway. At 1 in the morning I was awakened by pulses of electro-magnetic energy moving thru me. It felt like lightning and I had about 30 different muscles twitching from my toes to my head, all at once. We never know how this energy will be felt and it’s often different with new sensations or experiences as well as some of the familiar ones. There has still been lots of clearing energy over the weekend as we are being asked to release all of the old that we still hold. This clearing can come in many forms as our physical body works to adapt and align with the new, which at this point is all around us. At this time we are seeing the massive breakdown of the old as we envision and dream the new. Now that we are New World Creators, we are doing this thru our own willingness to let go of all the unworkable stuff of the old world. We stop giving it our time and our energy and we envision what we do want. Continue reading

The Separating Worlds

This week, as the energies of evolution continue to swirl and build, I’ve been seeing just what different worlds we are each creating. I’ve been sharing in my posts how we are each creating our new worlds thru what we are thinking and dreaming into being. If we are creating from our heart, from the expansive space of love, we are going to find that these worlds are in alignment with our dreams. If we are creating from what we’re afraid will happen, we’re going to be bringing that in and our world will reflect back to us the very things we don’t want to have. If we haven’t done that all-important clearing work, clearing out the patterns of the old world that made us unhappy, then we are going to see more of that around us. Continue reading


Here’s the message that came thru this week. Our journey with the old world is complete. That means that we can now step out of the limiting rules that we embraced for so long. We can set aside our anger. We can give up our fear. We can stop living in all the self-defeating, unproductive ways that we experienced in 3D. Once we let go of duality, there is no more struggle. Each one has to make that choice. Each one has to choose to stop agreeing to old ways. Each one has to call their true Self forward. We can now choose to shed the old and align with the new. That old world that held us in its grip for so long has now let go. Because we have worked our way free. And oh my gosh, the freedom is so sweet. Continue reading

Being and Holding the New

This has been a day of things appearing and disappearing, as we’re being shown how old familiar things are on their way out. The world that we’ve been a part of for our whole lives is vanishing. The new world that we are creating is taking shape inside us and being projected around us to take its place. You may be feeling the dynamics of this. We are finding quite literally that we can’t focus our attention very well on the old. We can only do it very briefly and ineffectively. Even when we focus on it, it’s still not in focus. It’s like we’re connecting with something that isn’t fully there anymore. And we are in such a new space, that we can no longer “go back” there. And every time we try to see what’s there, we have to remind ourselves: What do we want to create? It’s not about what has been created, it’s about what we are creating now, from our embodiment of our divine power as one who came to create something new. Continue reading

The Disconnect and Reconnecting

Yesterday during a meditation I was taken to progressively higher and higher dimensions—thru sound—until I reached the God/Source center. And then I was shown how we begin there and we expand out living in that God/Source circle. But we dropped out when we came to the Earth this time, and a part of us went out into the Earth dimension of 3D. This created polarity. We have been in that space for quite some time, many of us feeling like we didn’t fit or belong there.  Continue reading

We Are the Gateway

Oh, the journey, it just goes on and on. Friday night was another sleepless one where I was flip-flopping around for hours feeling way too warm even tho the house was cool. We are processing such intense energy as the cosmos is converting us to the newest model of star-infused human. Friday night I was seeing the waves of light and color that have brought us our information for decades. We’re beginning to understand how much we have been influenced by this cosmic-level knowing. It has come into our core, influencing and guiding us on this earthly adventure. The inklings, the twinklings and the knowings have nudged and prompted us, given us visionary experiences and reminded us that we are here for more than we thought. Continue reading

Growing Our Dreams

There’s so much bad news on the news that I wanted to share a funny story. I was walking one evening when the state trooper who lives in the neighborhood drove by, getting off her shift. Even after all the years she’s lived here, I don’t know her. But I wave when she passes on the little road where I walk. There are no sidewalks, so walkers share the road with cars. On this particular evening, something new took over and I found myself doing a silly wave with two hands like a little kid. It was some new aspect of me coming on board. Surprisingly, the trooper waved back the same way! I burst out laughing. About three weeks later, she drove by again, and I waved with one hand. Her face lit up and she gave me the silly two-handed wave. It was so funny, and now we do it every time we pass. Continue reading

Our New Creative Power

We’ve recently been moved to a new level of creative power as we embrace and embody even more of our divinity and knowing. With this power comes responsibility on each of our parts to be creators, creating from our sovereignty for the higher good. It is time for us to assert our power and to use it to create peace, harmony and balance on the planet. Together, we are creating the New Earth. Continue reading

Creating the New

As we move into the New, we have to give up playing small, thinking small and being small. We continue to move thru clearing and releasing of the matrix programs that are held with our cellular makeup, the 3D belief systems that we took on to live in the 3D world. We are experiencing ongoing frequency resets now as we up-level. The process often involves feeling off or tired or strong emotion (anger, sadness or emotional pain) for a short time and then as that is brought to the surface and released, our frequency increases and we have access to new insights and information. This process is especially intense for all of us who are clearing the way and creating the new space. Continue reading

Outgrowing the Old World

All the creating we have been doing is coming to fruition. We have been shifting into completely new territory, reviewing some old memories and once again clearing what no longer resonates. This is in preparation to up-level into a new way of being. It’s like the feeling of preparing for a trip, where you are packing and readying things. We’ve outgrown our old space. Continue reading