December Portal and the Secret Chamber of the Heart

We are entering a new way of being and connecting. It’s been showing up as occasional days here and there to give us a taste of what is coming when we move fully into it. These glimpses feel dimensionally expanded, clear and in focus, very calm and peaceful, and infused with heartfelt connection. In the last couple of weeks I’ve experienced two of these dimensionally expanded days and they are remarkable. Each time, I’ve known I was in a new space, but not sure how I got there.

What I noticed was the feeling infusing the experience: peacefulness, calmness, and love. The old stuff was simply gone. It had no impact. The interactions I had on those days were based in LOVE. There was an open heart, and the open heart was shining with divine light. Judgment was absent.

All the interactions during these times take place within the space of LOVE. When we align with our truth and move into our divinity, we are able to experience the frequencies that are created from this. This is what we are beginning to get a taste of as we prepare to move fully into this new way of being of the NOW-self. We show up as fully present and open and shining/being the new light.

We can intentionally move into these spaces by releasing our fixed ideas about how things are, and opening to possibility. We can feel our way there. I intend to live with my heart open, to create open-hearted connections with others, and to be in and anchor this space. I am ready for this experience. I am willing to let go of who I have been in order to be who I am now.

As sovereign beings who have integrated our divinity, we are ready.
At the beginning of the month, I was out for a walk when I saw a solitary wild rose blooming on a bare branch. It’s almost winter here, and I’ve never seen a wild rose blooming at this time. I was struck by its delicate beauty. It permeated my being on a deep level.img_3276

A few hours later I received a message that we have opened the secret chamber of the heart. I saw a key opening a chamber in a dimensional space beyond my physical heart. I didn’t know about this chamber, so I had to look it up. The first thing I found was a photo almost identical to the wild rose. And then I realized what the wild rose represented.

The secret chamber is where our god self resides. This is where the divine spark burns, and the spark is now a flame, burning with the beauty of our divinity. We have connected with our divinity. All of creation emerges from this secret chamber. Opening this chamber feels like we are home. We are home, because we have brought our highest aspects in, including our god self, and made them a part of us. We have now become our fullest self, our Christed self, our divine self. Each of us is a creator being, in a human body. We have accessed our new template. We are creating everything anew, our bodies, ourselves, our worlds.

This is our cosmic integration, where we bring the part of us that came here to do this work, into physicality. We now know who we are and why we are here. We release the old world, which no longer works for us, and we bring our new worlds online.

All of us, working together, are doing this, even if we are not aware of each other yet. So know that the part you play is important. There is no longer a need to discount it. As creator beings, we now come together to create, each of us, new worlds of peace and love and heartfelt connection. I will see you and connect with you there.

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