Divine Dreaming

At about 10:30 on New Year’s Eve, when I was reading, I felt a sudden shift in the energy. The night had been very quiet when I noticed the pillow next to me was glowing. For a couple of minutes, I admired the colors and the light coming from it. Then I noticed my whole living room was glowing, emanating a subtle gold light. Some energy from earlier in the day had lifted and was gone.

At that moment, everything felt new and I just soaked it in. After a while, I went outside. The night sky, streaked with clouds, was calm and the air was pristine. This lovely experience lasted the rest of the evening.

The New Earth is in place and many of us are spending time there as we continue to build and create. We can look forward to more shifts like this one now as a result. Because we’ve cleared our internal landscape, we are seeing this projected on the landscape around us in its multi-hued, multi-dimensional format. Yes, we can turn on the news and discover the old world is still “out there,” but we’re not having interaction with it.

Wherever you are in this process, continue. When awakening first begins, there is so much to attend to in the way of clearing old patterns to change the scenarios around you. But gradually, they change.

And so many of us have been at this for so long, there is a beautiful pathway for everyone to follow and anyone can choose this road to peace and harmony and balance. We’re ascending our physical bodies into lit-up crystalline bodies and we’re holding the crystalline/Christ consciousness unified field for all.

Many have written about ascension “symptoms,” including ascension flu, ringing ears, intense inner heat and cold, fatigue, anxiety, heart flutters, dizziness, odd aches and pains, and more on the physical level. On the emotional level, much is triggered too, including memories from past experiences and new ideas about how to handle these. We get opportunities to behave in new ways and make new choices. On the mental level, we often encounter our issues of control and resistance, so that we can move through those as well. It may surprise us how much we needed to control in order to feel safe. Slowly, we feel safe enough to stop needing to control.

This is all part of the process of our bodies adapting and adjusting to the new.

I noticed a resurgence of “symptoms” just after the first of the year. One night in particular was challenging. I asked for “healing” and got no response. At about 6 am, I decided to use my own power and I released any resistance I was still holding and called the incoming energies into my being. I asked to become my full cosmic self. I asked the energies to integrate within me. Immediately the “symptoms” were gone and I was buzzing with energy inside, so much so I had to get up and start my day. I felt like the Little Engine That Could being supercharged. We can do this as needed to help with all the strong energies that we are bringing in.

As we embrace our power and learn what it can do, we are also learning to give up the old approaches that we used. We’re learning to stop controlling in order to be creators. We’re holding a multi-dimensional palette, now how do we use it? In the now moment we can think about what we want to create and then notice that we are creating.There is change happening all around us.

The old world, with its fear-based tactics, is receding as the new world grows more solid. We are choosing not to engage with the old world when it’s not necessary. As we stop reading or listening to the news, we refocus our attention on what we want to create. We begin creating the world we want to be in.

We join forces with the legions of light beings who are working with us. Even if we don’t see them or hear them, we know in our heart they are here. We begin to feel what’s true inside us, and this truth is our guide.

Awakening is a process. When it begins, we notice the synchronicities, the magic, the ease with which things happen. We’re prompted to address the issues that have limited us and kept us small. We begin to expand into our unlimited self, the beautiful, powerful, balanced, sovereign, lit up one who came here to create a New Earth.

And then we know the truth. We know that Love is guiding us to reconnect through unity, to relate through the language of energy, to open our hearts to a new experience, to trust that we can release what was in order to create beyond our limitations, to move us past our patterned thinking, into the cosmic realm of divine dreaming.

3 thoughts on “Divine Dreaming

  1. Wonderful, thank you so much for the inspiring words. I just had a form of healing that is helping me move forward in my life and your words confirmed all that I was told. It’s wonderful when this happens and we know we are all getting on the same page in our own time. Again thank you.


  2. Wowsa Terry- what a great article ! It feels like the only news I need today. When we’re in alignment/connection with our higher self we can flow with the path of least resistance- things can feel effortless in the moment- it seems that trying to control things can stop this flow and connection. Maybe that’s part of what the “let go and jump off the cliff” refers to…

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