Your True Self

In the process of awakening, we begin to shed the layers of who we thought we were, and we encounter what’s left: the important truth of who we are. Because behind all the ideas we have about who we are, all the beliefs we’ve invested in, all the stuff we’ve accumulated, is this truth, just waiting to be discovered. And it’s up to each one of us to find this treasure when we are ready.

This incredible treasure is our connection to everything we want to be and everything we want to create. Our sovereign Self, at the core of each one of us, is our link to our power as a creator being. When we connect with it, we discover our own divinity. And it’s through our sovereign Self, our creator being, that we express our magic. It’s through this Self that we express our divinity and our majesty, and become an expression of Love.

So how do we see beyond the familiar false self we’ve always known? How do we access the power and potential of the true Self? How do we create on a scale beyond what we thought was possible? How do we access new ways of being and doing?

We’re in this process of discovery now, all of us at various stages. The further we go, the more we deepen our connection. Everything we need to know is within, but tools are always helpful.

One of the most important tools is the natural world, the wondrous world outside your door. Spending time every day connecting with nature is a powerful change agent. Walk, explore, listen, observe. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you notice? The Earth is ready to connect with you and teach you and share with you. All you have to do is open to that. Express your intention. Go out into nature and say, I want to connect with you in a new way, I want to learn, I want to align with you and align with my Self. This opens doors into the awesome experience of honoring the Earth and becoming an equal, a partner in creation. This opens a portal into the heart and into the New Earth that is being formed all around us.

Many people feel that nature is something to control and eradicate, when actually it is a gateway. We are meant to enter into a co-creative partnership with nature. As we embrace the power that is there–and we are seeing this power through storms and fires and earthquakes–this is when we embody our own inherent power to create. We do not become powerful alone. We become powerful through unifying with our Self and our surroundings through our heart. We express that we want to open our heart to connect in unity, with the people, the places, the spaces around us. Say this, I wish to open my heart to connect in unity, with the people, the places, the spaces around me. Close your eyes and feel the feeling that this creates.

We move into being high-energy transformers, transforming what is coming apart into something full of beauty and grace. Transforming our heart-felt visions and dreams into a new physical reality. This is why were are here.

Continue to release what isn’t YOU. Ask for help. Be open to receiving. Make time for the process. Create quiet spaces in your life, away from daily demands and technology. Notice your intentions. What are you telling yourself? Support your Self by being loving to you, which ripples out as Love to others. Know that all is unfolding in a way that supports your ability to transform.

As we release our old ways of being, we become new. We do things in new ways. We have fresh thoughts that surprise us.

Every moment of courage we embrace to step into the new connects us more with our truth, and empowers everyone else to move into this as well. Job well done as we move into our full embodied magnificence.

2 thoughts on “Your True Self

  1. Terry, this is exactly what I needed to hear. As an elected public official, I operate in a contentious environment. How to hold my center and be the conduit of grace? Your directing me to nature is the answer, isn’t it?

    This wonderful man, an ODOT flagger, was having a conversation with me.

    “Oh,” he said. “I get it. Your heart is in this place.” Yes. And so it is for all of us if we wake up our perceptions.

    Thanks, dear heart.

  2. Now I understand the draw to nature I’ve been feeling! I have been thinking about who I used to be and honoring that person. I have been feeling “liberated” from that drama. This new feeling is beyond anything I’ve ever felt before! I love it! I want everyone to feel it, as it feels So Good! Thank you for the uplifting message!
    Love, Doreen

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