Dreams and Visions

Information about the shift we are experiencing can come in many ways–especially dreams and visions. I wanted to share a couple of these that came recently, one in a dream, the others in a vision. In the dream, I encountered a friend who was at a Christmas party. She was glowing with light and wearing lavender light around her neck and shoulders. I was so struck by the lavender light because it looked like a necklace, but it was light. I emailed her to tell her about the dream, and she replied to say that night she had asked her healing team to help with some pain in her neck and shoulders that had resurfaced from an old accident. When she woke up in the morning, the pain was gone. She felt I saw the light of her healing experience as it was underway. I sketched this to the best of my ability just to share it. In my dream, she was so lit up with white light and lavender light in a geometric arrangement.

Many of our dreams are experiences where we are out doing things and connecting with others in important ways. We’ll begin to notice more of this now as we experience more of our multi-dimensional Self.

Visions also bring us information. Recently I was shown in a vision what my new “Energy Self” looks like and I sketched this picture. Especially I was struck by the hair. This isn’t what my physical self looks like, but looking at this picture makes me happy. You might want to do this for yourself, ask what your Energy Self looks like and then, without looking at a mirror, draw the picture you see or imagine. Just quickly sketch it and allow your imagination free rein.

I got another picture of what it looked like as we embodied new codes, taking them in, making them a part of who we are, and then sending them out to the collective. The energy I saw was like a wave, and here’s the sketch.

We are starting to be recharged, which is so welcome. Many of us have had incredible fatigue for many years as we go through this process, so to begin to feel New Earth energy coursing inside is heavenly. As we embody our new Being, we are revitalized. The heart has gone through huge upgrades to allow it to open, and I created a picture of this new open heart, which is actually porous and no longer closed. This allows us to be conduits of Love. The entire body continues to evolve into this new Energy Being that is open-hearted and holds the crystalline consciousness so that we can unify and begin to co-create in ways that work for all.

It’s an enormous process, not without challenges, and yet we are so guided, pushed, pulled and prodded into Newness the entire time. This shedding of old density, this embracing of multi-dimensionality may kick us to the curb from time to time (or so it feels) but it also introduces us to our magic and our magnificence.

So call in your highest Self, your cosmic awesomeness, to be your ally as we continue to create the New Earth all around us, with all of its potential, its freedom, its peace, its harmony and its new heart-centered way of being.

And a reminder: take good care of yourself during this process. It’s important to nurture the body with healthy food and pure water, listening to what your body needs. Sometimes, it’s chocolate. As in flourless chocolate cake topped with homemade truffles. Yes, a friend had a birthday and I was lucky enough to help celebrate. And I’m pretty sure this is a New Earth cake.

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  1. I love these pictures! They made me think it would be fun to facilitate a lesson in drawing like this for kids (although I bet a lot are already there these days!) thanks for sharing.

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