Not Our Job

This month is bringing some big energy to disconnect us from all the old 3D stuff that in our New Earth reality is not our job. You might be feeling it’s time to say, I’m not doing that anymore. Or I feel done with that. So if you’re noticing this, pay attention and see where you can disconnect. We especially want to disconnect from anyone not treating us well.

For instance, someone texted me in the middle of a big pity party and he was wanting to be rescued. He was using manipulative energy, and I wasn’t the only person he contacted. His energy felt sticky and thick. I had to say, sorry, I can’t help. Because my whole being was telling me, you have to take care of YOU. Remember, you can’t rescue anyone. This was also in the midst of the solar eclipse, which brought up into our awareness any old male energy (we all have both female and male) that was no longer serving us. For me it brought up the fact that I have always been willing to help, especially when someone is struggling. But this time the guidance was clear: It’s time to move on. Every person must do their own work.

New lavender light

We are now in a new space and time, where every person must step up to the plate and be responsible for themselves. Every person must stop waiting to be rescued. Every person must stop trying to manipulate to get their way. And the best way we can help them now is by not participating in the old tactics. It’s absolutely essential now.

Once we learn to love ourselves, our world shifts. We become sovereign. We manage our own energy, our own happiness, our own experience. Sovereign means self-governing. We take responsibility for our Self. Being sovereign means we can begin to co-create, because we are no longer needing someone else to meet our needs. So we can work co-creatively with others.

We’re being shown the places where we still agree to the old ways, where we still feel like we have to or we should. But it’s time now to change this, to stop facilitating someone else’s lack of wholeness. It’s time to stop undermining our own power to be amazing. It’s time to support our wholeness. It’s time to realize that because we are new, we have to stop being old.

Someone recently said to me, things are changing so much and she can’t control them. Yes, because we are evolving into someone very new who no longer needs to control. We are creating now, not controlling. Controlling was fear-based. Creating happens out of love and knowing that divinity is part of our DNA. Our creating becomes effortless because we are simply expressing what we need to have in our lives in order to be happy.

Here’s one example. I have been buying frozen, raw cat food for my cat from the local outlet of a national chain store. Recently the store made an arbitrary corporate decision to no longer carry this food. The district manager said they couldn’t even special order it. I said, no problem, I will order it from another store. A couple days later, the manager of the chain called, very excited, to say he had gotten me some of this food. He said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but he’d figured out how to circumvent the store system in order to meet my needs. I saw that he was using New Earth energy to create and he was so joyful to succeed. He wasn’t limited by arbitrary rules that made no sense and he wasn’t agreeing to them. He came to that choice on his own because I created a pathway.

New pathways

This is what we will find now as we inhabit the New Earth. Supportive energy is working with us to replace the non-cooperative energy of old. It doesn’t follow the old rules and doesn’t need to. No one suffers, everyone wins. And those who are still agreeing to using the old ways will be guided into the new by the ones who are creating the pathways. We can all be path pavers. And once we inhabit New Earth, everything around us shifts into this new experience of co-creation, harmony, balance and peace. It is really beautiful to watch this happen. It is an invincible force that is working through us and for us to create a new way of being and doing and loving. We’re unifying.

Notice that now when a thought arises that I have to or I should, we can feel the pain of believing it. This pain is our indicator light: we can make a new choice. We have come to a place of now being able to choose peace and happiness. Each has to choose.

When we do that, we move into freedom. We step beyond the limitations that kept us small, that kept us in fear, that kept us from experiencing our magnificence. We begin to experience miracles. We begin to experience other people helping us and supporting us in new ways. We begin to live in New Earth.

The beauty of New Earth

Our hearts are feeling in amplified ways now as we see that we really can’t numb ourselves like we used to. And our heart centers are accessing more of their potential to see, feel, know, guide and create. And this will continue because everything is moving quickly now. We have established the New Earth, which means we have a place to call Home, to set up shop and to live happily and peacefully. We’ve worked hard to create this.

So as we experience situations where old energy shows up, we get to make a new choice. That’s what’s happening now. As you choose the new, that’s what you will find around you. It’s magical the way it happens. The New overlays on the old and the old is just gone. Have fun as you move into this.

One thought on “Not Our Job

  1. Terry,
    Thank you for your message.
    I am in the midst of lawsuit.
    I am the Plaintiff. A couple of days before a legal meeting, Dr John Nash’s work, (A Beautiful Mind) came into my meditations. I requested his assistance, knowing that he had been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for his mathematical equation that proves, that all can win, and therefore, eliminating competition.
    We have the option now, of operating from a Higher Level in all aspects of our lives.
    In gratitude.

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