The Tsunami of LOVE

We continue to have new info coming thru and we continue to experience the incredible possibilities of and on New Earth.

Friday (March 2) I began feeling some new bliss/Love energy coming in that I haven’t felt before. It was great and it lasted the rest of the day. That evening I listened to an account of several people in QHHT hypnosis sessions done by Allison Coe in Portland, OR (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by Dolores Cannon) detailing that the wave of LOVE that is going to create huge transformation is coming in March. Dates are always challenging with this process, because we’ve seen them not pan out. But then the next morning (and I was still feeling the bliss/Love energy) when I was out doing errands I had a brand new experience. Every thought that I had that was not Love was immediately replaced by Love. This has never happened to me before. It was happening seemingly on its own and it was quite simply wonderful.

Rainbow on the morning of the bliss/Love energy experience

For example, as I was driving down the highway behind a pickup truck, a piece of plastic blew out of the back of the truck. I thought, people need to be more responsible for their trash. Immediately this thought was replaced with Love, without me doing it.

Let me just cheer for 10 minutes at the excitement of this.

Because it feels amazingly awesome. My non-love thoughts were replaced automatically and instantly by Love. There were no problems. I was happy. And all was well. (Let me cheer some more.)

This continued happening all day until I became kind of giddy. On my walk a neighbor asked, “What’s gotten into you? Did you meet someone? You’re acting like you’re in love.”

“I am experiencing Love,” I said. “It’s great. I can’t wait till everyone has this experience.” I was giddy, the feeling was irrepressible, and I felt unstoppable.

She said, “I want what you’re having.” Like that great line in Sleepless in Seattle. Believe me, we all want this.

It definitely feels like we are experiencing the beginning of this huge new wave of LOVE that has been coming our way for some time. Some are calling this the tsunami of Love.

Along with this, so many incredible things are happening. One thing I have wanted to create is an organic grocery store in my neighborhood. Well, one just opened Wednesday and it has so many products that have not been available before in this small community (more cheering. Give me an L, give me an O, give me a V, give me an E!).

And with this new wave of Love energy I am seeing the New Earth become more solid than ever. It is really taking shape in so many ways.

The beauty of New Earth

Then this morning when I looked at what I was being shown with some old energy poking its not-so-fun head in I got this message. We are alchemizers. We transmute people and things. This is one of our roles as we create the new. Many of us have been doing this for a LONG time (at least 40 years in my case but I think that’s why I came in with Scorpio energy). We don’t even really have to try. Our energy, as it becomes new, as we evolve, quite naturally alchemizes those around us. This is the old story of turning lead into gold. We are turning old worn-out tired energy into beautiful inspired new form. Not all of us are doing this, but if you’ve noticed you can be a trigger for other people, then you’re doing it. Especially if you trigger them by simply being your gorgeous Self. And we don’t worry about what we do after we trigger, we simply keep going. There’s lots to do and we can’t hang around mopping up the pieces of our important transformational work. People will be able to do that themselves or find someone who can help them.

So whatever is coming up for you, just be with it. What helps me is to engage my mind in some way for a few minutes, like with a simple electronic game of some sort, so that the higher mind can take over and bring the information that’s needed into my awareness. Easy-peasy. At this point we are receiving so much assistance and guidance in this process that all we have to do is go with it. What we need is coming to us and all we have to do is take a step back and see it in a new way. Be open to the fact that just because something happened once (or over and over) in our lives that wasn’t fun, doesn’t mean this didn’t have a divine purpose to spur us on into new territory, which is where we all need to be. A lot of this message is coming thru as energy so I’m not going to worry about getting all the words in place like I would have in the past. I have to let that go. Just feel into this if it feels like it’s for you and you will get what you need. The evolution is happening and there’s no stopping it at this point and it’s very exciting. We are on the brink of living in ways that we can barely dream of right now. What’s coming is even better than we can imagine, but keep dreaming, keep imagining, as that’s what’s bringing that leading edge of LOVE to us so that we can embody it fully for all.

3 thoughts on “The Tsunami of LOVE

  1. Thank you Terry, so much is happening in the world that we have to look beyond that to what is happening with the love inside ourselves and express that forward. The more we feel love the more we can give it. The excitement in the very air is incredible WOW lol.

  2. Terry!
    Both Dan and I are feeling the love here too! I really felt thing shifting this last weekend. We have been so busy trying to sell our home, my business and other things so we can move, and feeling frustrated and anxious. But the feeling has now changed. We both fell happy and excited that these things are now happening! I know it is going to come together soon! The love is really coming through in everything we do now.
    Love and thanks to you for your help and inspiration.

  3. I love this. Am feeling it too. Hope our paths cross again one of these days. Most weeks i tune into your meditation at whatever time a receive it and/or remember it. 😉

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