The Source Force and Your Core of Knowing

There is so much taking place right now: the coming apart of everything we have known and the coming together of everything being created in the new. There is all kinds of stuff being written about all kinds of stuff, but what I am hearing is stay in your own center. Practice bringing your awareness there. Within your center is your core of knowing and your core of being. This is where you find your truth.

The one thing I do is trust my own knowing, even when it seems to not agree with what someone else is putting forth. But this is why we have our knowing. Over time I have found that my knowing has been accurate, even when it seemed–at the time–out there.

We are, thru our very evolution, pulling peace, harmony, balance, unity, truth and Love into being thru our knowing. What we bring in thru our own Self and the higher aspects we have embodied carries a frequency that goes out and creates a new way of being. This new new way of being thru its frequency overrides the old structures and patterns and thinking of the past, the ways we used to be and what we used to believe. What we used to believe is now done because we have pulled in so much vibrant, fresh new higher resonance. We’ve pushed the reset button.

Continue doing this. Go to the center of your being, the place where you connect with your divinity, the place your divinity streams from, and know that this is how you are creating something real and true and new. Trust this creation. It is happening now very fast. It is important to spend time every day feeling this, tuning into this, tapping into this divine power.

There is all kinds of creating going on now, but we as internal creators are bringing this Source Force thru the awakening human vessel. This is not the old path of chaos, it is the path of creation. We clear our internal landscape and create a new one by using our crystalline frequency to make it manifest here.

We are now experiencing having our physical reality show the things we have wanted to create for some time. These are coming into being, which is very exciting, but I notice as they do we have evolved beyond even these. It is as if they are not enough, when it seemed like they were enough when we thought of them. This is a pivotal time then to keep expanding the vision. Who do you want to be? What do you want to have around you? See this happening. We are bringing this thru and it is expanding as we bring it in to even more than we have dreamed. Keep expanding the dream.

Something I wanted to create–a vision for the community I am in, what we want for this community, what we value as residents–materialized Saturday. I thought it would take time and effort but it simply showed up and because it’s already been created and is coming into form, I can move my attention to other things. We are going to see things materializing quickly now because we have made the space and we are bringing them in. Continue to focus on what you want to create.

At every moment we experience the culmination of everything, thus we see that want to stay in the energies of creation, which is just “ahead” of the culmination. For those of us who are creators, it is important to keep our focus there, and not to go too deeply into the physical doing. Our creation is thru energy and frequency. We want to be in the New, not in the trenches of the old. Choose that for yourself: I choose to be in the new with my heart, my mind, my words, my actions and my embodied Self.

We have been moved to a new level of mastery. Notice any ways you are still supporting the old and look at ways to disconnect by not giving it your energy and support. This is a process that we move thru as we disconnect from the old.

The unified field is forming around us. Recently I am noticing energies of inclusion along with Love as these unified energies are expressed.

Not long ago I stopped to see a friend and as she was talking I saw a rainbow emerging from her heart center. I asked her to be quiet for a couple minutes so I could tune in to see what it was. She was creating her rainbow light body for ascension. Since then, I’ve seen a couple others doing this same thing. So the ascension process is impacting even more people now, even if they are not aware of it. Many of us created our light bodies years ago in order to make a path and to anchor the new light on the earth. These timelines are coming together, being woven together as part of the unified field. Some did it before, some are doing it now, but it is all one.

For those of us who’ve been doing this for a long time, it can be hard to remember what it was like 10 or 20 years ago. But I’m hearing from some who are newer to the experience that things have been intense. As the body begins releasing old patterns and outdated beliefs, it can be intense. Especially now, some of this release is coming fast.

If you need this, here is something you can say to help create balance within. Take a moment to be with this and feel it as you say these words. As I embody my Soul, as I embody my higher aspects to create a new way of being, I willingly release all that is not needed from within. I honor and support who I am and who I have been, I love myself, I support myself completely in this process of becoming whole. I embrace my newness and I welcome this new way of being. I choose peace, balance, harmony, unity and Love. I embrace my magnificence.

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