The Cosmic Songlines

So much truth is arising now, bringing pieces of the bigger picture together. And much is synchronizing as we align with the energies of New Earth and create the new space that we now inhabit. We do our work quietly, following our guidance, often not knowing all the details and not needing to. We finish one thing and continue on with the next part, trusting that all is well. It is amazing when the parts come together. Yesterday, another piece clicked into place. It’s all part of the interconnection. It’s all part of us stepping into our sovereignty and power. It feels like magic, but it’s actually just how it is.

Here’s what happened. A little over two years ago, on my first visit to Nashville, late one night I was asked to repair a song that the natural world was singing, as it had been broken. I remember listening to the locusts singing their own song to keep it vibrant and alive, and I asked for their help. I asked for the help of all the animals in that area who carried the indigenous memory, the owls, the coyotes, the turtles, the turkeys, the deer. I called on the land and the indigenous people who had once lived there as well to help restore the song. I called on our Allies from the world of spirit. And the work was done. That is as much as I knew then but I remember that night very clearly because I could feel that I was tapped into something ancient; primordial forces that were returning in a new way. An old song was being restored in a new context. A new song was being overlaid, to bring new wisdom and new ways of living into being. I did not know all the details, but I knew it was important.

And we often don’t know all the details of the work we are doing, but we are able to follow the guidance and grasp the significance and accomplish what is needed. In this process, we have definitely been learning as we go. Only in the last year or two have we come to see ourselves as divine creators working in physical bodies on the Earth. And we’ve come to recognize how important our own contributions are to the whole. Each one of us plays a part, whether we are offering prayers of gratitude, speaking our truth, living in peace, or doing our work. We are contributing our own unique vibration to the whole. We are hearing our song, and we are singing our song. This is our creation.

The Wichahpi Wall. In this part of the wall there are many natural stone faces. Photo credit: Amadeo Lasansky.

This weekend, my son was telling me about a trip he made to visit a place he’d never been to: the Wichahpi Stone Wall in Alabama on the Tennessee River. This wall was made of free-standing stones by the great-great-grandson of a Yuchi Indian woman who had been on the Trail of Tears when she was relocated to Oklahoma. Just one year later she walked the 600 miles back to her home in Alabama, following her own indigenous wisdom to make the trip. It took her five years. The wall was built to honor her incredible journey. Wichahpi means “like the stars.”

Her tribe called the Tennessee River the Singing River because they believed a woman who lived in the river sang to them. The reason this woman walked back to Alabama was because the rivers in Oklahoma didn’t sing, and she needed to hear that song to know what she knew. It was part of who she was.

Her people called themselves the Children of the Sun. Their language does not resemble any other native languages. So do you wonder, where did they come from? What faraway place gave rise to their knowing, to the song they heard that informed their being? Around the world, these songlines were ancient memory codes used by indigenous peoples. Wisdom about living was passed in these songs, but many were broken.

As I worked on writing this piece, information began to come together and come thru about the Grand Cosmic Plan. Twenty years ago I met someone who was going around the world to repair ley lines. He teamed up with a second person to open dormant portals, and a group of us quietly opened one a few miles from my house. Not long after we did that, the Dali Lama visited that out of the way spot while he was driving thru Oregon. And speaking of synchronicity, my brother, who was visiting from another state, was standing there when the Dali Lama appeared in his saffron robe and a member of his entourage asked my brother if he would mind if the Dali Lama stood in that exact spot. Synchronicity is alignment. We align with the plan and our part in it.

Many, many have been working for years to repair and restore and reclaim what is ours. And it is this work that you have done, that we have all done, that is bringing us to this monumental time, to this confluence, to being able to hear our song. We have done the planetary repairs and created the universal connections and now the Cosmic Songlines have been reconnected and restored so that we can follow the songs being sung to us that are awakening and replenishing our own knowing. The Grand Cosmic Plan is orchestrating all the newness arising now. Whatever has interfered with our wholeness and our authentic expression of Self is being removed and overwritten. It is our time now. We can hear our songs. We can sing our songs, the songs from our own Home, so that we can know and connect to who we are, in order to create our New Earth and our new way of being, and live with our families in the wholeness of who we are, as it was intended.

7 thoughts on “The Cosmic Songlines

  1. Your best one yet – this is really inspiring. And exactly what i have been getting. Onward!
    Many Blessings,

  2. This resonates deeply. Just this weekend I felt a powerful lifting of a long-time “spell” that was literally killing the collective soul. It lifted but not without first showing how that particular shadow was poisoning the multiplicity of the soul. The songs have been repaired as you say, and now is the time for creating a divine life right here on earth. Thank you.

  3. Yes indeed! This is how this new amazing space of connection and completion is feeling… Like the “Home” that we forgot we knew- that can transcend time… thanks Terry

  4. thank you so much, Terry. This is a beautiful transmission of what we are all feeling now. We will keep shining our light, love, and ancient knowings even as the outer world seems so full of darkness, greed and despair.
    That photo of the wall is so powerful! I remember hearing her story, but haven’t seen the wall. Thanks for the visual inspiration. We have hard tasks to do, but they will be easy and uplifting, guided by our songs.

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