When Magical Forces Meet Undeveloped Time

We’ve all heard of undeveloped land, something I feel is crucial to wildlife and to all of us who like to enjoy natural spaces on walks and hikes or even just in our view. Yesterday, another idea came in–undeveloped time. I was talking with two people who are both doers. They were tired of doing, doing, doing, and I proposed to each of them to create some undeveloped time–time where nothing is going on and you can just BE. In that space of BEing, you can see what arises.

A friend was recently talking to me about how we fill our days with activities so that we don’t have to FEEL what is underneath all that busyness. But what’s underneath it, generally, is old beliefs and patterns that you no longer need, that are no longer serving you, and that are ready to be released. Interestingly, an old meaning of busyness is anxiety or uneasiness.

Most of us have heard messages growing up about keeping busy. I remember a day a number of years ago when I was sitting on the couch and my sister walked by and said, why aren’t you doing anything? It wasn’t really a question, it was more of a reminder that we are supposed to be “productive.”

But I was experiencing what I now call undeveloped time.

Since that day, I have actively pursued engaging with life in this way. I allow for some undeveloped time every day, to see what wants to arise. To see what’s there that I otherwise might overlook. I look forward to these moments and have learned that they are a gift. They bring us into the present moment. They allow us to engage with who we are and to discover what’s there without all the busyness. Much of what I discover comes from these moments.

My New Earth Experience cards.

It is in just these moments that we can connect with the magical forces that are out there waiting to engage with us. By making time to find out who we are and to see what is beyond the busyness, we can invite this magic in. This magic–these magical forces–are our entryway to the New Earth. In the New Earth we step beyond being busy to simply BEing. When we leave busyness behind, everything becomes effortless and we no longer have so much busywork. This is what I call New Earth Normal.

By letting go of busyness, we can engage in a new way. We can choose to do what makes us happy. Often, people don’t know what makes them happy. They’ve never stopped to consider because they’ve been busy doing things. But start to ask yourself, what makes me happy? These can be very simple things, like watching the birds in the birdbath for a few minutes. Watching your children play. Taking a walk with a friend. Watching the sunset. Make a list of what makes you happy so that you know. Then set aside some undeveloped time to do these things and to just BE.

Our lives change when we make new choices, when we are willing to let go of old ways of doing to try new ways. When we are willing to release old patterns in order to see what lies beyond.

We are redefining so many things–what we value, how we spend our time, how we engage with others, and how we engage with the world. We are being bombarded with energy that is helping us to evolve, and we can choose to move with that energy as it remakes us from head to toe and remakes our relationship with all things. We co-create with it. We ask for help, we ask for support, we ask for guidance, and we embody our sovereignty, our divinity and our power. In the melding of this, stirred by the magical forces, we emerge into our truth. We discover that we are far more than we ever knew, and we can have lives that are happy, co-creative, peaceful, harmonized, balanced, meaningful and magical.

See what happens when you make some undeveloped time for yourself. When magical forces meet undeveloped time, we begin to move into mastery. We discover our tools and the powers that are inherent within us, just waiting to be awakened.

4 thoughts on “When Magical Forces Meet Undeveloped Time

  1. Hi Terry!
    I visited your website for the first time yesterday! I found out about it in a most unconventional way! I had a “dream” yesterday morning in which a voice simply told me: Terry Andrews (even said Terry with “y”… LOL) and mentioned rubidium. So I searched online yesterday and found that your website really resonates with me! Loved reading your blog about undeveloped time! Looking forward to see why I was guided your way and reading your future blogs. Also found that rubidium is an element and I actually found a food source list online! Now I will actually take that Hawai’ian spirulina that has been in the cupboard for 6 months now! 😉 Thanks for being here and helping humanity!

  2. Welcome, Lucretia! Your story is amazing and yet, that’s what’s happening lately. In fact, tomorrow I’m giving a talk about this very topic–how connections happen thru energy. There are so many things that happen that don’t have a “logical” explanation as we move into the higher frequencies. Thanks for connecting!

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