New Earth Magic

We’ve spent the last several days being seriously worked on so that we can clear, release and embody, and you may have needed extra timeouts because of this. You may have noticed not being able to get as much done as you planned. You may not have been motivated to accomplish your projects. We went thru some intensive change and this time it moved us into being able to hang out in the New Earth for an extended period.

When that happens like it did this past weekend, the old world simply disappears. Our familiar surroundings are there, but the energy is completely different. When the old world slips out of our focus, we experience the full-blown MAGIC and shininess of the New, with all of its happiness, joy, fun, laughter, community, connection and co-creation.

We quite literally enter a whole new timezone/timeframe/interactive environment, one that we’ve created!

When we’re in this new space, we’re aware of everything that’s taking place. We’re aware that we’re experiencing something we’ve thought about and wanted to create. We’re aware that other people know they’re in a new space and are feeling their way, too. We’re getting these experiences of the new now as we begin to move into what we’ve been creating and dreaming into being. This New Earth, this place of harmony and balance and heart connection and co-creation, is a real place and we are finally having a chance to be in it, to immerse ourselves in the physical and energetic/high-frequency reality of it. It’s here, it’s real, and we’re in it.

Every time we can hold the frequency and be in the New, we experience the beauty and magic and the feeling of the empowered flow moving thru us. The energy of creation rises up inside us to sustain us and empower us to keep creating in this new way. We’re in a very NOW space where we see ourselves as creators and we take responsibility for our creation, and yet at the same time we are enjoying what we are creating and being with the people who are with us.

This weekend the old world simply disappeared. And I didn’t miss it. The familiar 3D realm that we have all been part of just sank out of sight. In its place there was bliss, buoyancy, purity, well-being, harmony, contentment, community and New Earth magic.

When we move into New Earth, what drops away is everything old–the problematic parts, the lack of connection, the bureaucracy, the way we’ve forgotten who we are. We’ve been skating in these new environs for some time now, yet having to dip back into the old to pay bills and get the oil in the car changed. The new is so welcoming, so inclusive, so heart-based that each time we have to come back for something routine, we feel it. We feel the limitation of it. We feel the LACK of everything we now know that we want, and know that WE CAN CREATE.

It is time to push past our conditioned mindsets into what lies just beyond. If you’re ready, start to do this. Realize that you are the creator, and divine creatorship is part of your responsibility as a sovereign being. Use your intention. Continue to clear anything that you still feel within you, look for your joy, connect with your happiness. Think of how you can share inspiration and happiness. How can you be supportive in an empowering way to both yourself and others? Then expand all of this from your heart center to your heart field, which is all around you. Take this space wherever you go and invite others in by simply BEING YOURSELF within that space. Be your joy, be your empowerment, be your sovereignty, be your respect, be your peace.

This is super attractive and inviting to others, who will be naturally drawn in to experience this for themselves. Not everyone is ready, but many are. Remember that it’s easier to walk in the dark with a flashlight, then be the flashlight. All you have to do is shine your light.

When we move into this space of New Earth, it is peaceful and calm, joyful and happy, restorative and fun. When we hold this energy ourselves, we are the container for New Earth and everyone comes into that space to help them remember, to help them awaken to their own power as creators. And to be a part of something that we’re creating that is supporting and nurturing all of us, where we don’t have to worry if something is a healthy choice because it’s all healthy. Where we don’t need to label food organic because it’s all organic. Where are skies are clear and our waters are pure. Where everyone realizes their own responsibility to the whole. Where everyone sees how blessed they are to have such an experience. Where no one points a finger at anyone else, because we are all ONE.

Are you ready? Wherever you are not ready, work on that. This is an inside job. We are moving thru barriers in order to live in New Earth. And lately we’re getting a magnificent taste of just exactly what that means.

I’ve been imagining community and that’s what appeared this weekend, two full-blown experiences of heart-centered community, complete with beautiful places to experience it in. We simply can’t dream too big, so keep dreaming. Keep imagining the world you want to live in.

And then let go of the old one. Stop trying to explain, go along, make do and such.

I even ran into someone I hadn’t seen for two years and she asked, “what have you been doing?” I said, “creating the New Earth.” And she looked at me and said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” It’s true, she didn’t. I just said, “Many of us are doing work so that we can let go of the old earth and create a new one. And if you want to be a part of it, all you have to do is make that intention.” There was no need to explain more or convince her because she will have to find answers in her own soul. All we’re doing now is making the new space so that we can be there. Everyone has to do the work for themselves, and some people have wanted other people to do the work for them. There is freedom for us when we stop helping those who aren’t doing their own work. It is entirely their choice. Each of us has to release the patterns that kept us small. And now that we’re in the new, our work is to maintain and expand and support it.

I mentioned the New Earth to someone else for the first time this past week. She said, “Tell me about that.” I told her a little, and she exclaimed, “That sounds like heaven! Tell me more! That’s where I want to be.”

It’s important to share, because many are ready to hear the new story. And as we share from our own high-frequency selves, we are the voice that awakens.

The more we let go of the old, the more freedom we find. The old programs waste our time and use our energy. They give very little back. When we let go of the beliefs and the systems that are old, we find ways that are not only workable but supportive. We clear space inside us and around us and that is our new space.

We no longer argue with people who argue for their limitations, because that’s old. Instead we bask in the new. We’ve created it and we can now hang out there. And these super intense, beautifully transformative energies are the wind in our sails. We’ve worked hard to create the New Earth and all its magic. Our diligence is seeing rewards. We are now the container for the New. We’ve rounded a bend where the old has dropped from view, and we can see glory. And we realize that by embodying the power of transformation, we are the transformation.

6 thoughts on “New Earth Magic

  1. Very well said ……………. not to mention timely! Yours words resonate deep within me and I am grateful to you for your postings!


  2. Beautiful message on my birthday! Woo hoo!
    How is your book on relationships coming along?

    Thank you!!!

    • Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you are having a beautiful day!!!
      I’m not writing a book (yet) on relationships. But you never know. I generally just show up to do whatever I am supposed to do! And sometimes it’s a surprise.

  3. What are your thoughts of a lighter diet in regards to being in the new? Or a new way of nourishing ourselves entirely? Raw vegetarian food and/or sunlight for example! I was raw vegan for many years… then slipped back to a heavier diet with grains, dairy, etc. I now am feeling the need to get light again! Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

    • So interesting that you bring this up. The last 3-4 months, I am noticing I am eating lighter and lighter and LIGHTER. Mostly veggies, lots of them raw, with a little bit of protein, but moving away from animal protein. This is happening on its own, part of the evolutionary process it seems. I have begun breathing in light, quite naturally. I am just going to observe this, like I do everything, to see where it goes. As a teenager I used to have visions of not needing to eat. That said, I do like food and I think we may be able to still enjoy some favorite things. We’ll have to see. I don’t eat many grains anymore either, and I’m not drawn to beans. I do think our bodies have a sense of what they need and will let us know. Even tho there’s no manual for this whole process, we are definitely guided from within!

  4. Sometimes I think the reason I came to this planet was to eat! I do feel much better when I eat lighter… lighter for my own being and that of the planet! I had a feeling you would be having these tendencies toward lighter eating.;-) I don’t know much about 3D or 4D densities… and I often wonder if we are to eat lighter or even… gasp… switch our bodies to eating “light” in order to be 4D. I wonder if we can switch our genes off/on… perhaps we can do the same with needing to eat physical food (though I fear boredom… LOL). Maybe we can be like hybrid cars… switch to gas when needed, but mostly run on electricity. I, too, am not wanting beans… though grains still call to me… which my mouth loves, body does not! Love that you said there is no manual for this process and we are guided from within… a reminder I need most of the time as I tend to look to others/outside myself. Thank you for that!!!

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