The Shift Is Now and We Hold the Power

This last week has been interesting to observe. We’ve had some intense periods of integration, which many experience as not being able to do much. In fact, a friend just commented that this past couple of weeks, she and her husband, both avid doers, haven’t been able to get much done and haven’t cared that they couldn’t. She said, “It felt OK to just sit on the couch.” And for the first time in her life, she didn’t feel guilty about that. It was a strange, new experience.

Yes, that is what is happening as we get reworked and we release our old 3D ways of doing from our heads, and replace that with thinking about what makes us happy, and making choices to do what makes us happy. We’re learning how to make choices from our heart center, and to let go of the obligatory doing that came from our heads. We’re learning to do in a new way, and to see in a new way too. We’re learning to see with our hearts, and to feel into what we’re seeing, and to feel into what we want to create, so that those come together into alignment.

When we feel what we’re creating and what we’re seeing at the same time, we begin to notice we are creating the things that make us happy. The things that surprise us. The things that feel like they’re magical.

The dynamic transformation that we have been working on for so many years is happening now, and we are seeing it happen in front of us! We’re not only watching it, we’re part of it. We’re the audience and the cast, because our observer awareness is always on. And our creator awareness is on too. And we’re creating things we want to be a part of.

We are now routinely reshaping the reality around us. We learned we could do it, we started doing it, experimenting with how, and now we’re doing it at will.

We clear the past so that we can align our words and actions, we move into sovereignty, we create harmony and balance, we embody our soul, we bring in our divine creative power, and we start creating. We are now able to reconfigure reality.

As Celia Fenn said in her most recent post: “We are breaking away from the old 3D narrative of Reality that determined a ‘consensus’ or collective reality, towards a multi level state of Reality that is created by individual or groups of empowered ‘Creator’ beings exercising their ability to focus energy and shape plasma energy into manifest material experience. Yes, that means we will no longer be confined by collective expectation, but will be free to create our own narratives and stories that express what we wish to experience in our physical and material lives.”

This is big.

Years ago, the company I worked for took a group of us out on a yacht on a lake.
During the cruise the captain asked if I wanted to take the wheel. It was a new experience and I took this large yacht thru a narrow channel on the lake and I was surprised at how easy it was. That’s similar to what this experience now is, except that a lot of people don’t realize what’s taking place yet. They are like the coworkers who never noticed I had taken the wheel 25 years ago because they were talking and eating and drinking. But some of us have always paid attention to “how,” asking and wanting to know more. We’ve had a sense of what’s coming and we focused on this in order to learn more. We’ve been very driven to learn more, to keep working with everything that presents in order to understand, and to translate all this into words to the best of our ability. Our ability to see goes beyond words, and we’ve learned to trust our ability to know.

This past week, during a private session someone did with me, I was guided to take this person across the rainbow bridge into the New Earth. This was a first and I knew it meant that it was now time. In the days right after that, several people who write about this shift mentioned that some are now starting to cross the rainbow bridge. We are all connected and we are becoming aware of others who are doing this work.

Crossing the bridge is big, as it means that we are now moving into very new spaces and beginning to live in those new spaces.

Yesterday evening, I made a quick trip to the pet store for cat food. On my way, I pictured clearing the store and restocking the shelves so that I could have a very easy shopping trip. The store was deserted and the only person there was the manager. He said, “Wow, the store just emptied out.” As forerunners who are creating the New, we can create what assists us on the journey. This ability is open to all who are serving, to all who are committed to this process with their open hearts.

During the last transformative blast of energy I happened on a quote from the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered about 70 years ago as the doors were opening for the shift to begin on this planet. As you read it, just feel this within. “The time shall come when the power that is within me shall also permeate your entire physical body and with that power you shall overcomes all obstacles.”

This is the energy we are embracing now, the power to overcome all obstacles. Whatever was an obstacle in the past, is no more. Use the tools you have been given. We are each of us doing this work. We have each been permeated with the power. Our new crystalline bodies hold this power for the purpose of putting it to work. This is how we create the New Earth. Read this message with your heart. There is no manual for what we are doing. But the knowing you need is held within you.

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  1. Has anyone else felt an almost obsessive need to declutter… to especially get rid of books, etc. that contain old beliefs so as to have a clean slate for the New? I am feeling that I need to do this in order to “reconfigure” things as you so aptly put it, Terry! Thank you for another enlightening blog! 🙂

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