Heaven on Earth

Sunday morning I had a vision during a meditation. It started with seeing a hurdy-gurdy man appear among some people at an outdoor festival in a field. Then I heard the Donovan song. “T’was then when the hurdy-gurdy man came singing songs of love.” Colored balls began rising in the air as hearts were opened to Love. I could feel the joy. And then angels began floating gently down to the ground. One by one they hugged people, letting them feel the love they had always wanted. And then I saw heaven and earth merge as earth rose up and heaven came down to meet it and meld with it. The feeling in my body was so beautiful and in some ways indescribable: finding peace and unity and love and creating the world we had been dreaming about. A feeling of being home and knowing that was where I wanted to be. It wasn’t a physical location, it was a spiritual dimension. And clearly, it was now available.

This whole weekend was unusual. On Friday when I was having coffee with some friends, I noticed the energy of the New Earth flowing into my field. It was like an infusion. It was a strong, beautiful abundant energy and all I had to do was receive and enjoy and be happy. The heavy lifting was done, and it was time to see that we are now powerful creators and receivers. Because this is about both: it’s about creating the peace and joy and harmony and balance that we want in our world, and then receiving it as it comes in.  The flow brings us into the place we have wanted to be. It brings us home.

That flow has continued all weekend and the thoughts I am thinking are being created almost instantly. 

Daisies, a symbol of Love

We can observe this and know we have worked diligently to create it. We’ve created our new world and the flow of energy into it is energizing us and our new spaces as well.

This is a short post as I’ve been busy doing sessions and giving classes the last few days. Yesterday I spoke with a young woman from New York who said she isn’t able to make her creative endeavors take off. She said she was stuck. She’s done everything she can think of and things have stagnated. We visualized together and I saw that she was holding her dream somewhat apart from her. She hadn’t yet embodied it. We brought it into her body and then I saw that she was poised to take flight in a completely new way. She was poised to approach her creative life and her dream in an entirely new way—to begin creating from her heart as opposed to her head, and to do what makes her happy. When she is filled with happiness, her audience will appear, drawn to her joy and inspired by her creations stemming from self-love. She was guided to bring spontaneity and her intuition into her process, and to follow the hunches that she has ignored.

Creating heaven on earth.

It’s time for us to be who we are, who we are here to be. We’re not breadwinners or consumers or followers of the old ways. We are creators of the highest order, creating a new way of being, creating from the space of joy and Love. Release what is no longer working and embody your own dreams. Pull them into you. Feel the way your cells come to life when you love and value yourself. As Don Miguel Ruiz told me years ago, we are here to be happy.

Loving ourselves and making ourselves happy, calling in our joy, leads us into the New, into the realm of magical creation, where we are finally able to see and experience and use our heart-centered creative power, where we enter a co-creative relationship with the cosmos. Once we love, honor and respect who we are and everything that is, we’re infused with support and abundance and we become co-creators with the Cosmos. At that moment our creations spill into our new world and we are home, a home that we imagined, a home that we created, a home that we love. And we’re singing our own songs of Love, to everyone who is able to hear them.

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  1. WOW! I loved your vision/experience! Very powerful and mystical! Thank you for posting! Good one!

    Your words of wisdom in this blog are very ‘juicy’ and I had to read it twice to get it all!


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