The Magic of Creation

Recently I woke from a “dream” where I was being shown one beautiful scene after another, and I was guided to feel the beauty. The message was, beauty is a high vibration. By feeling beauty, every cell inside us can move into a higher frequency. Our feeling ability is a tool and in the 3D world it got stuck on feeling low frequencies like sadness and anger and fear and loneliness. Beauty is high-frequency and if we feel beauty our own frequency goes up.

There is a reason nature is so beautiful—it is a reflection of the frequency of Love. Looking at something beautiful and feeling that feeling within brings us into the frequency of Love. This is the design, and as we move into the New we can see the purpose and intricacy of the designs in new ways. As we put the New in place, we will notice these supportive, beautiful connections.

We can practice feeling beauty by placing beautiful things in our viewscape. By feeling beauty we bring our cells and our selves into a higher frequency and stop supporting the lesser feelings. This is a choice.

We are here to be happy. We are here to live in peace, to experience harmony, to feel Love. We are here to create a new way of being and living. And we do that by choosing, by dreaming and by creating the highest-frequency choices that we can. And we are here to experience the magic.

Sometimes people focus on the problem. It’s important to focus on the solution. What is the solution you want to create? If you simply state the problem, you stay stuck in the problem. What you want to do is create a solution. Think of a solution that would work and make you happy. Make it your intention to create that solution. Release the problem and allow the solution to come in. 

I just experienced a beautiful example of this today. I was with a lovely friend from out of town in a local coffee shop and her four-year-old grandson spotted a pricey toy he wanted. She said, “oh oh, here comes a big meltdown.” I thought, no, we will call in the magic. It was done in a moment. The shop owner offered a chocolate chip cookie as a distraction, and then when we were outside and the boy was happily eating his cookie, a local real estate agent waved hello and asked, are these your friends? When I said yes, she told me, hang on, I have something for you. A couple moments later she appeared with a new souvenir beach ball from her office. The boy was thrilled and we threw the ball back and forth for a few minutes and he chased it, laughing with delight, when the wind caught it. He was very happy when they got in the car to head out of town with his unexpected gift. We had called in some magic, all of us co-creating together. We are working together in the New Earth, and when we let go of the problem, we can create a solution. It was a happy moment, playing with a beach ball on a summer day.

An essential for the ascension/embodiment process that I like to create

We can all do this. We can create happy. We can create beauty. We can create Love. But we have to ask. We have to take an active role. We have to be the divine creators that we are. We have to let go of the idea that we are powerless or at the mercy of a situation. Because we are creators. Creators who are embracing our inherent divinity, which we are using to create a whole new world. We keep doing this, we keep practicing this until it becomes second nature, until we begin to see results that make us happy. It’s a process and we learn by doing.

We can create all kinds of things. A friend recently shared that she read an article about plastic pollution and what the Sierra Club was doing about this. As she finished the article, this woman said to herself, I want to give them some money. Her phone rang and when she answered it, it was the Sierra Club. They had never called her before and the woman calling was apologetic. My friend said, “I’m so glad you called. Now I don’t have to look up your number.” When she told me this story, my friend said, “I created this, didn’t I?” It’s important to see the connection, because then you truly realize your power to create. And you can begin to see your ability to create far more than you thought possible.

We are powerful creators, and now is the time to begin to learn what this means. Experiment. Observe what happens. It’s the only way to begin to experience what is possible. We really don’t know until we try, until we connect up with the cosmic potential that resides in us all, until we embrace the magic that is within us all. This is called New Earth for a reason, and it starts inside of us, with our willingness to release all of the old in order to have something new and very different.

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  1. This is what we all need to remember its the solution not the problem we need to address. Thank you Terry your blogs are always perfect in all ways.
    Blessings, Gayle

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