Outgrowing the Old World

All the creating we have been doing is coming to fruition. We have been shifting into completely new territory, reviewing some old memories and once again clearing what no longer resonates. This is in preparation to up-level into a new way of being. It’s like the feeling of preparing for a trip, where you are packing and readying things. We’ve outgrown our old space.

We are seeing everything that is no longer aligned with our highest experience and realizing it no longer resonates with what we are creating. We are discovering we can no longer hold the old frequency connections. We will be releasing things that have too much “static.” The old will no longer be meshing with our higher-frequency gears, and you are going to be noticing when things are out of synch. There is a feeling of “this is too much work” or “this no longer feels like what I want.” For instance, we may have learned to take care of others to the neglect of our Self. But the Self is now requiring that we first make sure it is whole and balanced and living in harmony, and then we move out into the world to do our work, from a place of wholeness, so that what we are bringing to others, to the world, is our beauty, our truth and our Love. Our state of being is no longer filtered thru the old matrix as it goes out, altho those who are seeing it may be seeing it thru the matrix they still hold. But even those who hold the old matrix sense the new vibrancy, the new light, the new potential.

Light is emerging from our heart.

We will find that some things that we gave energy to, we no longer wish to give energy to. We have outgrown the confines of 3D. Our guidance is moving us away from the limitations of the past, into the freedoms of the new. We are poised at the start of a whole new experience. We’re being invited to dance, to sing, to act, and to create from our own soul-based knowing. We’re showing our multidimensional makeup as we step into high-frequency being, high-frequency doing, high-frequency creating. This is a whole new frequency of human existence, and one that we will freely share with others to help them move into this.

Whatever is not in alignment is showing up to be seen, so that we can do something about it. We are seeing what we thought was OK that isn’t OK anymore.

As we create more of the new, we tune out more of the old. We stop listening and paying attention to it. It may still be there, but we’re no longer giving it our time or talking about it. We’re withdrawing our support. The intense negativity of the old can rattle our new sensibilities. How did we ever, we will ask, live there?

The more we create our new worlds, the more others show up to support what we’re doing. This is surprising and unexpected, because we didn’t think this is how it would happen. But as we come into alignment, everything in our world comes into alignment.

I just had an extremely busy weekend of being back in the world in a very new way. I was doing the old familiar things, but from a new frequency that required that I Love myself. As I did, everything flowed beautifully, things came together when I wasn’t sure how they would happen, and I accomplished things beyond the constraints of time. I was not only taking part, I was observing this new me in action and watching the beauty, the flow, and the connection. I was watching community be created in new ways, beyond the ability of my own mind to imagine it. I was watching supportive structures appear and new formats come into place. I reminded myself to just get out of the way. To be a part of it but not stop it or block the incredible flow. To engage with the flow as guided. To notice what the flow was bringing. We begin to observe how others block the flow that is coming to them with their fears and projections and complaints.

I watched a person struggle with trying to control what was happening and grow upset when it didn’t happen according to his plan. We have to remember we are part of a bigger plan now that is creating something new and the only way that we create something new is to release the old. We have to release trying to control, because that is simply fear hanging on for dear life. Anyone hanging on for dear life is going to have a bumpy ride. Surrender. Let go. Love yourself.

From my Talisman Deck, a set of oracle cards I created.

We stop engaging at the level of struggle. Any time we go into the struggle we suffer. When struggle presents, take a step back. Allow it to be without engaging. See if it plays out on its own, without your input. This is just old energy looking for a home.

We are starting to rock a whole new way of being. Take a moment to take this in. If you’re not happy with the old world, close your eyes, drop into your heart, and ask, how can I help create something new? How can I be a part of making a new world? Then see what arises for you. See what opportunities present to begin working with the Goddess energies to bring peace and harmony and balance to the planet. Begin in your own heart.

Everybody gets to choose to release the old and embrace the new. As soon as we do, we can open to a whole new way of being—our own heaven on earth. We are now connecting in a whole new way, to a whole new system, to a whole New Everything. You can choose this for yourself. Today. Just let go of the old.

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