Creating the New

As we move into the New, we have to give up playing small, thinking small and being small. We continue to move thru clearing and releasing of the matrix programs that are held with our cellular makeup, the 3D belief systems that we took on to live in the 3D world. We are experiencing ongoing frequency resets now as we up-level. The process often involves feeling off or tired or strong emotion (anger, sadness or emotional pain) for a short time and then as that is brought to the surface and released, our frequency increases and we have access to new insights and information. This process is especially intense for all of us who are clearing the way and creating the new space.

I just read an article that said if we want to be happy, we have to have pain, because happiness requires struggle. This is a great example of the old world belief system, that we needed to suffer in order to bring some kind of good life into being. This is also an example of the kinds of beliefs that we are releasing. As we shift into our new consciousness, we are discovering that we can create lives of beauty and peace and Love by simply envisioning them. And the sooner that we can release the old belief systems, the better. We are here to be happy, and we can create our happiness without suffering.

Pain and suffering have been a part of the 3D experience. Many of us have transitioned thru incredible challenges in order to make a pathway into the new. This has involved moving out of the “victim” consciousness, the belief that we were powerless to change our lives in meaningful ways. We have moved into being powerful creators.

We are working together, expanding our network, realizing the importance of connection and unity, and seeing the power of dreaming and envisioning our lives. This is being reflected back to us in many ways now. Yes, there are still challenges because every person has to choose to remove themselves from the old matrix. Every person has to gain a sense of their sovereignty and divinity. Every person has to connect with their authentic creative power.

We are all tapping into the cosmic mind, the cohesive flow of unified creation. One step at a time we are up-lifting ourselves and inspiring ourselves to go beyond where we have been. One notch higher, a few degrees beyond, another step and then another as we move into the new. Always encouraging ourselves, even at the times we feel we are struggling with the old energies again

We hold the dream inside us, a dream that began as a tiny spark and is now a huge light. The light is in us and within all those who are working with us to create this new world. We recognize this light because it is made of Love, and it supports, it nourishes, it nurtures, it inspires.

Where we felt negativity, judgment, disrespect and divisiveness in the old world, we feel unity and harmony and balance in the New. We feel Love. This Love becomes who we are. It acts thru us, bringing joy, happiness, even silliness into our lives. It brings connection based on open hearts. Our actions are expressions of this energy, and we bubble over with it. This force of Love, once we embody it, cannot be contained. And it cannot be made small. It blooms from our hearts, from our wholeness, like meadowland wildflowers. It fills our beings like the stars fill the sky, twinkling and sparkling. We are the New Earth, each of us who have grown the New Earth inside us and offered it. We are the fabric, the framework and the essence. We embody the New until there is nothing else around us but New. And then collectively, in unity, we keep creating this for all, our heaven on earth.

Every month I do a few private sessions with people to help them with their specific issues and needs as they move into being new. I was just contacted by a new person who said he is tired of living in negativity and anxiety and is ready to open his heart. If you feel you would benefit from this type of session, please contact me.

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