Our New Creative Power

We’ve recently been moved to a new level of creative power as we embrace and embody even more of our divinity and knowing. With this power comes responsibility on each of our parts to be creators, creating from our sovereignty for the higher good. It is time for us to assert our power and to use it to create peace, harmony and balance on the planet. Together, we are creating the New Earth.

photo by Amadeo Lasansky, www.amadeolasansky.com

It is important to believe that our own contribution is important and has impact. That’s why there are so many of us here at this time. By co-creating and working from our unified heart, we can change the external chaos into our new heaven.

The challenge is believing this is possible. We have to update our own awareness, from this is what I see happening in the world, to here is what I am creating. We have to believe with every fiber of our ascension-weary bodies that we have the power. We have to use this power by trusting ourselves enough to be guided as to what to do.

The energy we are in now makes immediate creation possible.Therefore it is important to change any powerless thoughts (that you can’t do something) into empowered thoughts. If you’re picturing a negative scenario, change that thought. Picture an empowered one. Picture one that makes you happy. Picture one that brings you joy.

We no longer need to explain or apologize or be limited by the fact that anyone else doesn’t believe in our worldview. It is no longer our problem if we’re living in the expanded, rarified air of the New Earth and someone else doesn’t understand it or get it. It is time for us to believe in who we are and what we are here to do. We are here to embody the fullness of our cosmic-ness and to use our divinely inspired abilities to make rainbows and unicorns and peace on the planet. 

If we like to talk to fairies more than we like to talk to muggles, so be it. Our new world becomes so real that we no longer understand why people hang on to the old one so strongly.

The more we own our creative power, the more we will experience the beauty of our creations. This afternoon I was guided to go to my favorite local coffee shop and when I was there a local fisherman came in with a bowl of shrimp he had just caught and sautéed in garlic and butter. He brought this delicious creation in to share with whoever was there. In our new world, we’re all sharing what we have with others.

A couple mornings ago came a text from someone who has worked hard for the last 8 years to clear her old patterns and move out of the struggle of 3D. “I woke up in 5D today!!!! I plan to stay there. It is heavenly (followed by a string of emojis).” In the beginning, you may be in and out, but eventually you will just be there.

Here is my advice. Don’t watch/read the news. Many things need to happen in the world and some of this may not make sense right now and may feel crazy to you. It is part of the dismantling of the old false power structures. Especially don’t go into negative judgments that will make you feel powerless. Instead continue to clear your old patterns and your spaces to make them beautiful. New Earth starts with each of us, and it begins in our own heart. It begins with us loving our Self enough to begin to love everyone.

Someone recently asked me how to end the power struggle with her daughter. I said, start by telling her you Love her. “I don’t love her,” she said. “I care for her.” This is how separated the old world has become from our greatest tool, Love. We have forgotten that Love heals not only us, but those around us. It creates our new surroundings. When we let our egos run the show, we think we don’t feel love for the very ones we love the most.

Love your Self so much that you can no longer stop the beautiful LIGHT that is emitting from you and lighting up the New World around you. Love your Self so much that you can see this light. Love your Self so much that peace is what you want. Love your Self so much that you can finally release everything that is not Love inside you. Love your Self that much, because you are a creator of a new time, a new place, a new way of being. You are a LIT-UP being of Love, a creator with more power that you can even know right now. Love your Self and Love your way into this new space you are creating, this space of unlimited possibility. Dream YOUR/OUR New Earth into being so that we can all be there.

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  1. So very loving! It made me feel the love coming from the screen! Love is truly all there is! Love, Doreen

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